Monday, January 19, 2009

My New Logo Design

It is so exciting to be able to unveil the new logo design on my blog! You can see it in the new header at the top.

I had been reading a lot about "branding" ones business and creating a logo to best reflect the company, as well as to allow for an immediate identification about what you do or the services you provide. Whew! No pressure there! I mean, don't most consumers, when they are looking at interior design sites, books, blogs or any other visual, look for something attractive? Honestly, years ago, when I put together my business cards, I just sat down and reviewed design elements, which I thought would be appealing to potential clients . . . but I had to like it, too. Little did I know there would be so much to consider.

Did you know there have been studies about different fonts and the particular ones people most prefer or even dislike? Some fonts indicate if people think you are BORING while others determine, in the reader's eyes, if you are CREATIVE. (Now if only I could get some extra fonts onto the blogspot to better illustrate my point.) Fonts can further impressions of: being polite, dull, traditional, elegant, modern, etc. In attempting to attract all different types of clients, with different styles, the fonts could get a little more than "eclectic" - kind of like trying to put too many different styles in one room! :)

Then, if that's not enough to scramble the thought process, incorporating some sort of symbol or artwork proved to almost take me over the edge! Well, not exactly that bad . . . you know we designers can have a little flare for the dramatic . . . yes, even me. As it turned out, having a bit of flare factor was important to me.

I looked back at my now previous border. I have always loved the acorns and leaves. There is just something calming and rather organic about those leaves. The reason I needed to revisit what I loved was created by the advent of websites, blogs and the need to make a logo become user friendly in the graphics world. (Oh my goodness, I am even yawning, now!)

So, here it is in a nutshell - and sorry for the pun with the use of an acorn, and all:

I made my name more important and made "Interior Concepts by" smaller so it still tells what my business is about. I added a script "S" because, believe it or not, there are several Wanda Hortons on the web. (Who knew there was a romance novelist, a real estate agent, a finance director - and a support specialist in Homeland Security - all Wanda Hortons!) Finally, I wanted to keep the acorn and leaf elements. I loved the idea of the acorn symbolizing huge potential lying in small things. (And not just because I am short!) I also liked the leaves representing strength and longevity.

This was a great experience as I was on the receiving end of collaborating with another type of design professional. I had to participate in the creative planning process, much in the same manner as many of my design clients. I also was able to experience the excitement of seeing the completed product. I also realized, while I did this new logo in order to promote a public image, I also did this for my own enjoyment.

Okay, now that you need a little caffeine to get you up and going, I'll sign off. I'm going to get a cup of hot tea, sit back, and admire Aimee's talents. (Creative Montage link - upper right hand side.)

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