Monday, March 30, 2009

My Bed, My Bed, I Love My Bed!

Thomas Decker said: “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” After spending several nights of missing that “golden chain”, I can relate as to how true his statement is! (I'll spare you the details of recent dental surgery.) During my recuperation, I appreciated the nurturing of my soft, layered bedding and special bed pillows, as they offered a little more solace to the discomfort of a pulsing jaw. High thread count sheets, fluffy pillows and cushioned mattresses shouldn’t be considered a frivolous luxury. They are part of promoting the healing process our bodies need to experience - whether recovering from an illness or just the events of the previous day. Sleep deprivation, and the impact on our health, has been a well-covered topic by many authors and the media.

Fortunately, sources for these well-made items are found across the country and are also available through specialty shops, chain outlets and on the net. If you live in a metropolitan area, it is definitely worth your while to head out for a visit to some of your local shops. There is nothing like having your hand involved in the selection process of bedcoverings. All large thread count processes are not always created equally and your local shop owners will be able to offer good examples. Aside from varieties of cotton, there are also washable silks and organic products, should you be looking to eliminate dyes or elements which create sensitive skin reactions.

I have to admit, while Frette linens are considered to be the epitome of all, I have always been pleased with the performance of my Ralph Lauren sheets. They begin with a soft hand and seem to “age” nicely and with no pilling. I also love the patterns of Yves Delorme and Sferra for layering pillows and duvet covers. DeWoolfson Down, a NC-based manufacturer of down duvets, pillows and other bed accessories, offers pillows for every preference. They will even add extra filling, should you go too soft and need more firmness. Their summer weight silk comforter is just right for southern nights and it feels like you are wrapped in baby bedding!

If you are starting from scratch, you can begin layering the perfect bed with good basics investments, knowing they will be long-lasting, while you are in the process of completion. If you aren’t a big fan of contrasting patterns and colors, you can use subtle tone-on-tone designs and personalize with a monogram. A great sheet ensemble, blanket and blanket cover, euro shams and pillows will get the process off to a good start. Also remember, Americans usually don’t buy mattress sets as often as they should, so pay attention to the quality and construction. Even within the same brand, there are “Good, Better, Best” options. I love the Kingsdown product and their attention to engineering for the best night’s sleep. They are another “made in NC/USA” company. I am still in the process of connecting the links of that golden chain of sleep. I didn't anticipate needing extra recovery time to get back to the old, but new self! Fortunately, typing requires no activity of the jaw. If I am tired, I can pull back from the keyboard and curl up with a good book and a warm cup of tea.

To lead you off to slumberland, I'll leave you with a fun bedtime poem from R. Riecke Gernon:

"My bed, My bed, I love my bed.
It rests my feet, it rests my head.
It brings me sleep from dreadful days.
It clears my brain from misty haze.
It rests my neck, it rests my back.
I love to spend time in my sack.
It rests my eyes, it rests my heart.
It brings each morn a brand new start.
It rests my hands, it rests my toes.
Whatever else it rests, who knows."
So even though it’s seldom said.
My! Oh how I love my bed!

(Photo credits - Yves Delorme, DeWoolfson Fine Linens)


Anne Marie said...

Some of my favorite bedroom sets have been featured on the catalog Soft certainly wouldn't fit into my farmhouse decor but a girl can dream!!

Interior Concepts by Wanda said...

I love that catalog, too! Maybe a cottage-style farmhouse would work?

Anne Marie said...

Just wanted to come by and tell you thanks for following me at Na-Da Farm!
Have a Blessed Easter!!

And enjoy the weekend!!

Anne Marie

Interior Concepts by Wanda said...

It has been a pleasure! Have a wonderful weekend and stop by again! - Wanda