Saturday, May 16, 2009


By definition, eloquence refers to speaking or writing in a graceful or fluent style. In this case, the graceful style is more related to the furniture you are about to see, as opposed to my blog post!

During the last two High Point markets, I have had the pleasure to become acquainted with two lovely people, Amelia Cooke & Kim Redmond, who are the founders of Eloquence, a company based in California, dedicated to finding European treasures and restoring them to their former glory. The idea behind recycling these vintage and antique treasures, per their website, was “to create furniture with such elegance, that it needed no explanation”. Amelia and Kim are very helpful to the design trade and understand how great customer service helps us to put our best foot forward.

The upholstery pieces are covered in a creamy linen to allow you to change to your own fabric, once they are received. While most designers will choose to do this, there is something almost ethereal about a room full of the simplified version.

Eloquence . . . I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Fun displays


For a better view and more product information, go to:


Fauxology said...

The furniture line is a gem. I actually gasped when I saw the website home page pic! You are so lucky to live near High Point. As for the creamy linen, when we ordered our Dining Room set the chairs came with it and after a debate, we decided to keep it since it's neutral. We still love the decision and I like the use of your word "ethereal" in describing it. :)

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

It's beautiful! What a great site.