Thursday, June 11, 2009

Creating a Tea For Thee

While you are looking at these refreshing pictures of different types of iced tea, I’ll bet you are having some sort of sensory response.  (And with the summer season upon us, what a better point of reference could there be?)

Maybe one of the first things, you are experiencing, is the thought of how wonderful one of these teas might taste.  The next sensory response could be the heady fragrance of the fruit-flavored teas or the mint sprig floating in the glass.  If you just came in from a steamy day, the thought of the cold liquid and ice, could take you down a degree or two in temperature.  Then, of course, you may just be appreciating the presentation in how the tea has been served.  The fine silver pitcher may make you sit up a little more properly and the Mason jars may have you picturing yourself lazily swinging in a hammock.

mint-tea-cl-577318-x                                          A “proper” tea!

jars-x                                   Where’s the hammock?

FOJOFL01                             This looks “berrylicious” to me!

48206105           Peach iced tea . . . Makes me giddy for peach season!

What is so interesting to me, is how one can take a simple ingredient, like tea, and by adding some different flavorings and altering the presentation, different perceptions and experiences can ensue. Great interior design often begins with a basic “recipe”, and through the creative process, wonderfully different results are achieved.  It’s all about uncovering the client’s preferences and tastes – no pun intended. 

Now that I have all of you craving a glass of one of these delectable concoctions, please visit this link at: to learn how you can make them.  If you would like to chat about creating your own special “recipe” to add to your existing home design, please feel free to call the “master chef” of fine home experiences . . . . me!  I would be happy to serve you!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wanda ~ They all look good (and refreshing) but the berry one looks pretty good to me too!

Tiaa @ EYInteriors said... refreshing. I especially love the peach tea. I also love how you compared the ingredients in tea to interior design. I totally agree with you! Great post!

leona said...

Hi Wanda,

The photos and recipes are very tempting! I like to make Bigelow Perfect Peach Herb Tea, iced with a little honey. Thanks for the refreshing post!