Sunday, June 14, 2009

In Honor of Flag Day - Red, White and Blue

We tend to think of celebrating the “Red, White and Blue” during an upcoming American holiday, Independence Day.  I wonder how many of us remember that June 14th has been set aside for the honoring of Flag DayThis holiday, while a little less hailed, commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States

382px-US_Flag_Day_poster_1917 In less than a month, we’ll be celebrating Independence Day.  It seemed as if now would be a good time to get a jump start on preparing for the festivities, as well as to toss in some color schemes focusing on this brilliant combination of colors, in design. 

Time to wave “Old Glory”.  I can feel a burst of pride coming on!

Exterior-Foster-house-RENO0205-de                               Courtesy of Country Living

While the front door isn’t a traditional red, this New England Colonial does offer a reflection of yesteryear’s architecture.  So symmetrical and orderly.

Red-White-Blue-Vintage-Master-Bedroom-HTOURS0107-deCourtesy of Southern Living          

If you love to decorate on a seasonal basis, keep the rest of the room neutral for quick changes.  In the above bedroom, the bedding is the easy solution for a theme design.

img71m From the pages of Pottery Barn

These pillows offer a fun way to pop in the traditional flag colors.  When Flag Day and the Fourth of July celebrations have passed, just pull out the flag pillow and you can breeze through the rest of summer.  The full effect is shown on the sectional, below.

img72mFrom the pages of Pottery Barn


Even though this chair is upholstered in a nautical pattern, from Thibaut, there is something about lighthouses, sailboats and anchors, that carry a patriotic message and visions of fireworks and clambakes.


Now that I’ve segued into seaworthy references, I thought I should toss in a paler version of the red, white and blue palette – showing another Thibaut design of coral and seashells.  A bit daintier, wouldn’t you say?


Vietri, an Italian handcrafted pottery line, has this fabulous red glazed lamp, which could be right at home in any Americana themed design.  Just picture it on a primitive, painted blue chest.  (Hey, remember, it was Christopher Columbus who discovered America.)  Vietri is headquartered in Hillsborough, NC.

39740 This Braemore fabric could be used in some simple slipcovers for the backs of chairs.  Because it’s a scenic design and has other colors mixed in, it could be a year round addition to your home decor.

bia_glthCourtesy of Vietri

This table setting of crisp, white pottery ware and simple blue stemware, is a perfect way to start off your day before a trip to your town’s or city’s center to watch Old Glory be hoisted to the top of the flag pole.  What could be more yummy than strawberries and cream?


froulala said...

Thank you for a quick history lesson Wanda! Learned something new today. Gotta love Thiebaut, I want a mini garden cottage dressed up in it.
Strawberries are my fave and love the casual luxe look of Vietri. Fresas Frescas....

Elite Home Decor said...

Wow! I love the pictures! Great job!

Interior Concepts by Wanda said...

Thanks for sharing such nice comments! Please feel free to share my blog with family and friends. Would love to have more followers!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wanda ~ I love the examples of red you have shown here - the outdoor umbrella, the toile wallpaper and fabric - just the right touches without being in your face.

hungeryjack said...

Good pride and glory wallpaper ..Keep Posting

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