Monday, July 27, 2009

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

I’m scurrying around, trying to get as much accomplished before my upcoming cataracts’ surgery.  (Yes, that’s in the plural as I am having both eyes done, within a week of one another.)  Everyone assures me it’s “no biggie” and I totally trust my doctor in his capabilities.  I think it’s more the idea of the “no lifting and bending” that has pushed me into a frenzy of doing everything which might require that kind of activity! I also have a little bit of the unknown as to how well I can see, in the between periods of each surgery and new reading glasses, etc.  Naturally, as one who relies on good vision for my career and for everyday function, I’m determined to follow the doctor’s orders, watch the activity level, use the drops, leave off the make-up,(UGH!), and behave myself! 

sidepic_glasses_eyechartIn creating this week’s post, the topic of visual appreciation was definitely at the forefront.  I was reminded of this quote from Aristotle, “The soul never thinks without a mental picture.”  I am definitely a visual kind of gal.  As a designer, even if something is not right in front of me, I have the ability to close my eyes, scrunch up my forehead, and a vision comes to me as to the essence of a what a room or area should or could be.  (Yes, I do really scrunch my forehead!)  It may be from my ability to take in my surroundings and to mentally catalog scale, color, texture and the like, so it can be pulled up for later use. I see things and feel them, in my soul, all at the same time.  Even with my professional design education, I still embrace this process.

While I do have this gift, (and I humbly acknowledge it as such), I still would miss seeing all of the beauty the world has to offer if I couldn’t experience it with my own two eyes!  Sometimes, the next best thing is through pictures, so I’ll take you with me on a short journey, to see the places, people and things I love. 

Here we go! . . . .  .

River DogsMy husband, Roger and our dogs, Magnum and Freckles.  I love seeing him in his “element” – in the mountains, in the river and with his “boys”!  (And - he might remind me, he had his beard, in this photo.)

KiawahI love to watch the ebb and flow of the tide.  This photo is one I snapped at Kiawah Island, SC.  If I have a frantic day and need to slow it down a notch or two, I pull this picture from the memory bank and imagine breathing in the salt air and I feel the breeze.  (Okay, one sensory response at a time.)  Time to go back for a visit, soon!

baf_roomset_550This chair pulls together so many of my favorite elements.  I love shapes, especially those with curves.  I love the crispness of the color palette, which holds many of my favorite hues.  I love the pattern . . .  it’s playful and sophisticated and organic.  I like the way this wing chair style seems as if it’s holding open its arms to welcome you. (Courtesy of Thibaut)

MML-WL-MW-5958-A2_superThis wall sconce by Centro Stile contains so many favorites.  I appreciate the hammered finish, the spiral shape and I do like beautiful metals – translated – a little “shiny”, now and then!

orchids300 (How fun . . . found photos of orchids where the pots almost match the flower, below.)


In my opinion, there are few artisans who are able to duplicate the beauty of Mother Nature.  This Aecidium Carnette – of the Oncidium Orchid family - is breathtaking beyond words.  (And easier to enjoy than to pronounce!)

ss_100654710 I love visual texture!  The composition and juxtaposition of different surfaces intrigue me. The chippy, painted primitive cupboard, the still life painting, the smoothness of the pottery, and the industrial-style steel light fixture come together in a happily, harmonious manner.  The variation prevents the all-white walls from feeling too sterile. (I’ll leave that for the operating room!)

birthdaycakephotos I do think if food looks good, it tastes even better!  (And for some reason, I am fascinated by all of the food channel shows when cake decorating is the feature.)  Mmmm – Red Velvet Cake!

108-0824_IMGMisty clouds, settling on the mountains . . . a reverential view.

IMG_2392 Seeing this reminds me that a “snails pace” isn’t always a bad thing.  In fact, had I been walking the path, too quickly, I wouldn’t have been able to take this shot. (Now, it’s quiz time.  Is there something vaguely familiar about this picture?  Hint – scroll up to the forth photo and the eighth one.) 

Yes, I do think images convey a bit of information about our soul, or rather, to those things of which we are drawn.  I often use photos for helping clients discover more in-depth information about where to begin in the design process.  Often, they will not see how all of their selections even make sense.  The key to understanding is in the observation.

While I will be off, this week and the next, perfecting the “peepers”, I will “look”forward to “seeing” you, again, soon.  After all, you are on the list of my favorites!

Cheers! - Wanda


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great pictures, Wanda! Yes, make sure you follow doctor's orders - you'll be ready to tackle things much quicker if you do what you need to. You should head to that beach for your recovery period!

Anne Lubner Designs said...

Love your photos! You are so right, being able to express our design concepts visually is much more powerful than just verbal description. It's so true that what we see can nourish our soul. I have a photo of my favorite beach as my desktop and when life gets frenetic, I imagine myself there feeling the cool breezes on my face, hearing the surf crashing and the birds calling, instant peace! I'll pray your surgeries are completely successful, your recovery speedy and that you feel good even sans eye makeup!

Marie said...

Great photos! Good luck with your surgeries and make sure to rest. I agree with Kathy, it may be a good time to go back to that beach for some R&R. ;)

aboutlooking said...

Such a beautiful post.

Truly an honor to call you a friend.

Cathy said...

I am new to your blog...this is my first visit!!!

Your photos are beautiful!!! I love this post!!!

I look forward to returning again and again!!!