Monday, August 10, 2009

Great Escapes – The Bath

People often ask what inspires me as to the topics for my blog posts.  I imagine it’s somewhat similar to how a song is written.  Ideas come in the form of images or thoughts or bits and pieces from a conversation.  This week’s post is very much about all of the above.

I began thinking about places to escape or places to meditate, as well as places to relax.  In the meanwhile, I had been collecting photos of beautifully designed bathrooms – with the emphasis being on rooms.  So many of these baths were dedicated to more than mere function, although, the functional aspects went beyond everyday necessities.  They contain everyday “nice-e-ties”.  (I do embellish Miriam Webster, on occasion.) 

On top of all of these swirling thoughts and images, I listened in on a teleseminar,today, by an illustrious peer, Gail Doby, and she shared there is a large trend towards focusing on remodeling baths to include a more spa-like atmosphere and function.  With all the stress people have in their daily activities, the bathroom has become a place where the door can be closed, a lovely bath can be drawn, or a rain shower can wash away all of one’s cares . . . if even for a short time.  In the winter, a fireplace would be the perfect place to wrap up in a thick robe, while drifting off to the land of nod.  Fireplaces in a bath?  Just scroll down the page.

Viola!  A blog post has been born!

country-bathroom-11-de-22319862While this open door policy may not be for the bashful person, if you are out in the country, the restful, sunny view would certainly lift your spirits.  This bath feels a bit like it’s out of a “Under The Tuscan Sun”.  Just thinking of the movie transports me to another world.


This bath, while bright and airy, creates a little cocooning space with the curtain panel.  I love that it helps to separate and join the tub and shower, all at the same time.  The French doors add a lovely warmth and are functional in hiding linens.

img_beautifulbath_4 TH

A decidedly modern/classic bath is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour with its special make-up vanity.  Being able to rest in the sophisticated acrylic chair would make the task of getting ready for the day, a true experience.  No scurrying around, looking for everything!  There’s lots of storage, here.img_beautifulbath_8 th

The counterbalance of masculine to feminine is shown in the gentleman’s side of the bath.  Some of the same design elements are used within the darker, stained wood cabinet stacks.  The repetition of the counter, flooring and wall color joins the two spaces together.  Separate bath spaces also create “peace” among the users. (Guys, are you really this neat?)

img_montaukbeach_ss10 th

The garden seats and the oriental patterned area rug ground the neutral tile and wall tones.  They bring a Zen-like quality to the core of the room.  Afraid to use a priceless antique carpet?  There are many waterproof fiber rugs with beautiful designs and are made for carefree upkeep.Bathroom-Plank-Wood-Flooring-HTOURS0206-de-98054537 This cottage style bath opens to an upper porch.  The chair offers a place to take a rest, soak up the sun, and catch a sweet breeze!

palisades-bathThis bathroom is both open and embracing.  The back wall is covered in tiny, sparkling mosaic tiles and the barrel ceiling was hand-painted with a border to mimic the tile design and to bring the scale down.  The importance of good lighting is shown as the fixtures cast a romantic glow during the hours of dusk. (If this seems familiar, it’s a bathroom in my web portfolio!)CLX0308SIM02-de

The wonderful thing about most period homes is the many fireplaces they tend to have.  This fireplace is a work of art while offering a practical touch.  Imagine taking a rest in the terry cloth, slip-covered chair, while you wait for some linens to dry.  Blue is a color which offers restorative powers and, in the right tone, is one of the friendliest colors in the spectrum.  Color me happy in this bath!


Now who would expect a crystal chandelier in a log house bath?  I think it, along with the claw-footed tub and sheer white panels, keeps the bath from feeling too much like a cowboy should be soaking in the tub with his hat on and boots dangling over the edge.  (It looks like a great way to take away the grime from the riding trail!)  I love the Brown-Eyed Susans in the milk jar.  Some of my favorite designs blend the best of both worlds!

(Most photos are the courtesy of Traditional Home and Country Living Magazines.)


Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

So many terrific bathrooms. I want to cry as ours is in a reno process that has been stalled. So much to do, so little time! Thanks for the inspiration Wanda!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

These are wonderful pictures, Wanda. I am always amazed at the "his" and "hers" master bathrooms. We had redone our master bath and were able to make it larger {hmm, maybe a blog post there} and the best thing we did was double sinks. I love how they worked storage into these bathrooms, too.

Greet said...

Beautiful bathrooms! To me a bathroom is a very important place, especialy for a woman I think!
So it has to be very cosy and a fireplace in the bathroom is such a dream of me!!
Nice blog! I love to read it.

Greet from Belgian Pearls

Norbridge Antiques said...

The bathrooms in this post are all heavenly. Don't ask me to choose a favourite! The log house with the copper basin, claw-footed tub and chandelier takes me to another world. Thank you for this delightful post.