Monday, August 24, 2009

Pillow Talk

There is almost nothing more to love than the detailing of a beautiful pillow, and yet, it can be one of the most neglected accents in a room.  In some instances, after the larger pieces have been placed in a space, there is a tendency to take a - “Wait and see if it’s really necessary” - approach.  (Translated . . . maybe the room can “get by” without this added investment.)  In other cases, they may be seen as unneeded “fluff” because of being way overdone in the bygone days of over-the-top, unedited design. 

bsw_roomset_550In the simplest of ensembles, this striped pillow, with trim, commands your attention.

A really well-executed pillow is like a work of art.  This dressmaker detailed accent can take a basic sofa or bedding ensemble to a level, several notches above.  Pillows are one of the easiest ways to update and compliment a new color palette.  The ranges of investment often depends on the amount of the detail, the fabric, trims and the insert materials.  There are some ready-to-go designs with a good look for a good price.  Truly custom pillows can be in the range of a small, accent piece of furniture or a nice lamp.  Because a pillow can be held and examined closely, I tend to prefer the best quality one can afford.  Hand-sewn closures and plump filler materials always are the best, in my book.  Natural fibers give the nicest tactile experience.  Visually, if you consider some of your favorite bedroom photos, most of the bed dressings would seem pretty blasé without the extra pillow layer.

Can we talk pillows?  I’d rather show you!

15-best-0409-xlg-21624650From Barclay Butera’s Hearst Castle Collection*  Hand-painted designs = custom art for a custom pillow.


A hand appliquéd design on a solid linen. Bella Studios*


Open flanged corners with knots!  Bella Studios*


The hand-tucked details remind me of Mary McFadden’s Marii or Fortuny pleated dress.  Some pillows are meant to be couture rather than to be “tossed”.  Bella Studios*

6604e Vintage Mary McFadden Gown

origami-silver1 The origami design is a feat of ingenuity for this lumbar pillow!  (An elongated pillow is often referred to as a lumbar pillow as it helps to support the lower back region.)  Feature a thing like that!  Beauty and comfortable function!  Bella Studios*

bedding1 Hand beaded and hand embroidered pillows, from Ankasa*, were designed after the husband and wife team couldn’t find pillows for their new home.  What pain-staking detail to place each and every thread and bead!

1-favoritestore-ankasa-0907-xlg  A lovely room featuring more Ankasa* pillows.


A fab linen pillow studded in Swarovski crystals is sure to add sparkle to your day!  The Infinity Pillow from Shine Home.

122The mini flanged-edge with split corners separates the mundane from the must-have!  (And I like those fat fillers, too!)  Barclay Butera* linen pillow.

106The flat trim, Greek key border finishes off a solid velvet with a sophisticated touch.  Barclay Butera*


This lovely monogram design from Mary Beth Zeitz is the perfect ending to this post . . .

*These sources are “To-The-Trade” and may be purchased through interior designers and specialty shops.

Cheers to you!  Wanda


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love that first striped pillow, Wanda. I am always saying that pillows are a great AND inexpensive way to change the look of a room, and I absolutely follow my own advice. I like to change out my own pillows with the seasons.

Elise said...

What a beautiful site you have here, and I thought I should leave a comment for you. Lovely interesting posts and great pictures too - thank you so much for sharing. Happy Mid week... best wishes

pillowthrowdecor said...

Pillows, pillows pillows! What a gorgeous collection here. I love the extra embellishments but sadly I don't get much call for them from my drapery clients lately.

A room without pillows is like a sentence without a period.... just not finished :) Cheers