Friday, October 9, 2009

Cheers to Fall!

During this time of the year, interior designers often overlap the process of getting your homes completed for holiday entertaining with – well – holiday entertaining.  I have often double-dutied as both interior designer and event designer and have learned it’s all in the details of making your home feel warm and inviting for guests.  While the glitterati might go to the extreme in making it an E-V-E-N-T, most of my clients want their guests to enjoy the scenery, but also not feel as if they should be traipsing down the red carpet.

I am assisting with an upcoming event, for the Red Cross Tiffany Circle, and these photos offered up some inspiring ideas. I hope they help you, too!

ft_nov05msl11_xlWho wouldn’t be welcomed by a pair of beautiful urns, filled with of a bevy of autumnal colors?!  I love the contrast of the white and rich tones.  You can use aged urns, but if you prefer a more classic or modern touch, get that spray paint out and go to it!

la102862_1107_gold_xlI wonder if the buttercream icing on the cake was the inspiration for this tableau?  The white pumpkin gourds replace the traditional cornucopia of fruits and vegetables.  The console table, while cottage “chippy” in nature, takes on a splendid air.

gt03novmsl_cornhuskvotives_xlWhat to do with cornhusks left from your dried corn cobs?  Wrap them around votives for a blush of color in the candlelight.  I love the combination with the lavender roses.  So unexpected and yet, so right!


Not much time to get it together?  Grab some fruit, dip in egg whites, drain the excess and roll in sugar for a frosted effect.  These seckle pears are just the right size.  (Remember, due to the raw egg material, these are not for consumption.)

White pumpkinsI am in love with these white, (or also called, albino), pumpkins!  They offer so many combinations of color palettes and can carry you on through the Thanksgiving season.  I still love the traditional orange pumpkins, as well.  I suppose we always like the latest and greatest in everything related to design. 

If you have a narrow tabletop or mantel, an elongated container with dried flowers, plums and pumpkin gourds, can be a lovely addition of visual texture.

Fall design consists of simply combining lots of the elements found in your garden, along a wooded path, in your local grocery or farmer’s market or in things you may have tucked away in your china cabinet. If you keep it loose and fun, there is no telling what you might be able to create. I hope you’ll send over some of your own ideas. They would be my pleasure to share!

I’m off to the pumpkin patch . . .

Fall Cheers to you!  Wanda

PS Just had to add in a photo of my pumpkin finds. Never knew about “blue pumpkins” . . .

IMG_4173Saturday – 10/10/09 A local farmer had pumpkins of many colors.  A fun side trip produced just what I needed for a party event!

Top photos courtesy of Martha Stewart and Better Homes & Gardens 

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Froulala said...

I think the corn husk as a votive wrap is so clever!! What a fun sustainable idea! Thank you so much for being a friend and I appreciate our chat the other night as I drove from High Point to Lake Norman. You are truly an angel in many ways...Snug Hug and Kisses!!!
Hope you found your albino pumpkins!