Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Secret Formula for Age Reversal

Every now and then, I’m able to release my “inner child”, through the eyes of another.  My most recent experience was with a client, with whom I have been acquainted since she was anticipating being introduced into the world!  (I met her mother when she was expecting her.)  Twelve years later, we are watching as she is becoming a lovely, soft-spoken, smart and generously-spirited “tween”.  After patiently waiting for her birthday, she was given the gift of my time and design concepts, along with the talents of Whitney Preslar Bayer, a fabulous decorative artist, who translates those concepts to reality.  Add into this special mix, artistic photographer, Chanda Pope, and I am able to share with you a front row seat to the world of fantasy and frivolity.  It’s a coming of age, for one young woman, and a return to the past, for a slightly older one.  I think I have discovered the secret formula for age reversal!

IMG_9838The process began with a blank canvas – literally.  Neutral window treatments of sheered Austrian shades with clear crystals, off-white furnishings, purchased five years ago, and cream walls.  (These pieces had been selected for a previous residence.)

IMG_9834In order to honor the choice of the favorite color of orange, I was a little concerned about too much stimulus not allowing for a restful night.  Since one of her other favorite colors is aqua, I suggested we bring that down to eye level in order to calm the flow of energy.  I also wanted to be sure the doors didn’t pop out like two large white “teeth”, so Whitney painted the panels and added the monogram accents from the chair back.

IMG_9748The ceiling fan was enhanced by hand painted “streamers” and applied “confetti” crystals.  Her dragonfly seems happy to be suspended beneath such a party of designs.

IMG_9735 Happy harlequins march across the chest top, where once, a solid color reigned.  “Mirror, mirror on the wall” . . .  were you plain, too? I can’t recall!

IMG_9890 Bath time is far from boring, as the party streamers and confetti are tossed on the wall. 

IMG_9749 The Pindler & Pindler fabric, in the shower curtain and shade valance, marry the circles, from the bedding and the diamond/harlequin shapes in the chest painting.  We reversed the wall and ceiling colors, from the bedroom.

IMG_9766 Little details make all of the difference.  The crystals, on the painted metal shade, add the bling every girl loves.  The candle cover “drips” with aqua and green.

IMG_9812 Even this white wood lamp received the “full” treatment.  The tulle Fabricut trim is appropriately named “TuTu” and was added to the top and bottom of the shade.  The base was painted to pop the colors.  Even the little lamp pull was covered in crystals!

IMG_9878 Yes, we, (and I mean, Whitney), can “handle” just about anything!  Crystals, painted accents and drawer hardware all receive the artist’s touch.

IMG_9857 Hand-screened damask squares allow for a play of pattern and color, without distracting from the graphic wall pattern.  The bookcase, with shelves and practical storage bins, was painted to bring some weight to the larger wall area.

At the end of the day, when my “tween” client returned home from school, she couldn’t contain her delight, in regards to the outcome of the project.  They say a smile takes years off our faces.  If that’s true, I can hold off on scheduling that nip and tuck, for a while!

Cheers to all!  Wanda

(All photography credits go to Photography by Chanda.)

*Note, this is a sneak preview of a magazine shoot, going to press in November 2009.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

OMG, Wanda! This is fabulous! I want this room! What a great age and she can definitely continue in this room into young adulthood. I don't know which I love more, so I will just say I love the whole room. Great job! Please let us know which magazine it will be in, so I can be sure to get it {if I'm not already subscribed to it}.

soulflower said...

What a great room! It must be so rewarding to redo someones space!

Mary said...

I'm not an interior decorator but I am an interior appreciator:-). This room is wonderful.

Norbridge Antiques said...

This room is a delight for any age. The room with all the details is so cheerful. How nice of you and your client to share this with us.

Froulala said...

Wanda dear,
I love your formula for age reversal! The damask screens are a great touch to the cheerful walls. The Pindler & Pindler shower curtain is luxe. The Tutu trim on what would have been a plain lamp is j'adorable! Love the monogramming on the chair. It's all in the details and you've got it covered!