Friday, December 4, 2009

Surcies – Part One

The first time I heard this term used, I was in the city of Charleston, South Carolina.  It’s hard to say the exact origin of the word, but loosely translated, it means:  “An unexpected gift or nice little treat.” 

Today, upon finishing up a client’s project with my friend and floral designer, Bryan, he said, “Before you go, I have a little surcie for you.”, and he produced a sweet bundle of large cinnamon sticks for me to place in my kitchen for the holidays.  Earlier in the week, I received a surprise package from my special Twitter friend, Leslie.  It is was a lovely book, filled with sumptuous photos of Christmas decorating!  In both cases, I had absolutely no idea or expectation of receiving either of these delightful treats.

christmas-tree   51S7dwUfEWL

(Even my surcie, from Leslie, was full of ideas for more surcies!)

As in all gifts, (surcies especially included), it truly is about the thought counting.  While these treasures were very pleasing to have and to hold, the idea of being remembered and the sweet caring, which was included, warmed my heart, added a smile and that’s what a surcie is all about!

Here are some Christmas Surcie ideas for you to share:

80873eThis little beeswax spiral candle, from Plow and Hearth, burns for up to 80 hours.  (That’s longer than my new cell phone holds its charge!)

2356 A cup of Christmas cheer can arrive from the folks at Tea Forte.

51AIss1NSAL__SS500_I am a huge fan of Ree Drummond – aka – The Pioneer Woman. Her blogs are full of home-spun humor, even though she is a city girl who married a rancher.  Aside from being a “super-blogger”, she has some great recipes and I have to say, this would be a “superior surcie” to receive.  (Not hinting too much, am I?) 

Frasier-Fir-Candle-0521530107-250All you have to do is close your eyes and this Thymes candle will transport you.  Can you hear the rustling of the tree branches as the scent of fir wafts by?

To be continued . . . .

Cheer-filled wishes for life’s little surprises!  Wanda

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