Sunday, January 17, 2010

Following Fashion

During the holidays, it’s a safe bet you may have taken the opportunity to catch up on the flurry of movies, showing at the local cinemas.  In the short period following these releases, the plethora of award ceremonies will begin, in order to honor the artistry of the actors, directors, writers, costume designers and set designers, as well as the  scads of people involved with the whole production.  Many of us, while rooting for our favorites, tune in to view the parade of fine couture, floating down the red carpet.  As I was listening to one of the commentators, on this eve of the Golden Globe Awards, I realized he was sharing a preview into spring fashion and how much it parallels to what debuts at my own industry’s spring market.

drew-barrymore-400 The plum, purple and blush palettes still hold their own for the spring.

For those who know me well, I do enjoy beautiful things but I’m not as much of a “fashionista” as I am a “comfortnista”.  The ship has sailed for me, in regards to 4” stiletto heels.  Nevertheless, I so appreciate the intricacies of creating couture, be it for the runway or for the home.  I believe in investing in quality, not quantity, as anything well-crafted can stand the test of time and can be updated in bits and pieces.  The new phrase, “recessionista” has been coined to reflect a lifestyle where excessive consumption has been reigned in, but it doesn’t mean life must be of an austere existence.

As I sometimes digress, I’ll get back to the subject at hand . . . “Following Fashion”.  Here are some captivating examples of how both of these fashion industries almost simultaneously overlap.


Ellie Saab and Christian Dior – Nude and Pêche – Watch for this to have a huge showing.


Shine by S.H.O Catalonia Chandelier with Cerused White Oak Beads 


Pearson 414 Chair (One of my clients’ favorite lines.)


“Magnolia” Archival Ink On Paper – (Sends my southern heart into a “fluttah”!)



The Valentino Metallic Denim Bag and Jason Wu Belted Dress showcase an elegant twist on grey.  (Note the warm undertones.)

 zaa25856 Baker Lotus Side Table – Debuting Spring 2010.


Shine by S.H.O.Ritz Chair in rich velvet.

Many of us may be snuggled into our PJ’s, in less than “glam mode”, as we watch the parade of costumes, to most certainly be critiqued by, well . . . the critics.  Some of us might even wonder about the necessity of it all and that brings to me a recollection of one of my favorite scenes, in “The Devil Wears Prada” - (Click “here” for the video.  You can turn off my background music, with the button at the page bottom.)  Miranda Priestly certainly took her role in the industry very seriously!

In one form or another, your life is touched by design.  Let’s make that experience the best it possibly can be!

Golden Cheers to You!  Wanda

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