Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Beginnings – Part 3 – Thinking and Creating “Inside” of the Box

During the month of January, I’m continuing my Great Beginnings series with a post I think is so appropriate for this time of year. While we are in the midst of winter, and may be feeling a little lackluster about our immediate surroundings, it’s a great time to take stock of interior projects and to begin the process of planning, before spring’s arrival, and the outdoor living spaces begin to divert our attention.  (And the local craftsmen!)

Allen - Blog 1 (While not always the “pretty” part of design, detailed measurements let you know what you can and cannot create, “inside of the box”.  This is how I began the design for a client’s bonus room.  I later added electrical and trim detail notes.)

First, it’s imperative to take a good analysis of a particular room or space to determine how it could be optimized.  There might be areas you can identify as problematic because of traffic flow, space use, inadequate lighting, high maintenance requirements, energy inefficiency, or discomfort.  Do you wish you had the ability to push back the walls and open up the areas in order to be able to “breathe”?  Or, maybe you have the opposite problem of feeling as if you have to shout from one chair to the other, in order for someone to hear you speak.  Perhaps, there’s an “it” factor missing and you can’t identify what the “it” is.  I have a fascination with how our immediate surroundings make such an impact as to our sense of well-being, focus, or boost in energy – or – a lack, thereof.

Allen - Blog 2 (If I can see several solutions, I offer them as part of the overall package.  We all love to have a choice!  This was option 1 and showed a sleeper sofa for extra guests, as there is a bathroom off this bonus room.  The pool table, football table, bookcases, and TV were a must keep.)

Interior refreshing and remodeling can be a way to accomplish several goals, at one time.  Many solutions may not necessarily require a major overhaul of your space.  By having a professional interior designer take a good assessment, an inventory of the room, and by really facing the quirks or challenges, you can team up to create a smart plan, literally, from the ground up.  Having a function and priority list on hand, makes it so much easier to bring in the aesthetic desires, too!  As mentioned in a previous post, utilizing multi-functional furniture may confirm you don’t need to bump-out wall space, as you might eliminate a piece from the room’s footprint.  In making wise investment selections, you no longer have the burden of hanging onto a “white elephant” purchase because of the impulse of a “good deal”.  You’ll be able to make confident, quality decisions, and with a professional’s guidance.

Allen - Blog 3 (This was the 2nd option and the one my client selected.  The television had to stay where it had been originally placed, and having the full view, from the sleeper sofa, was even more important than playing a game of pool.  You can see, if we didn’t have this directive, extra furniture pieces would have been unnecessarily purchased.)

Retrofitting an area – meaning – keeping the existing footprint but reworking it “inside of the box”, will amaze you with the results!  It’s always beneficial when clients allow me to offer this experience to them.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as removing a door, never used for privacy between rooms, and creating a wider, arched opening.  On other occasions, we’ve reworked cabinets, changed furniture layouts, or added a larger, cleaner piece of furniture, rather than multiple little ones.  I often get positive feedback on how window treatments can make a space seem larger, rather than smaller, if done correctly.  The bottom line is, the more cohesive and complete the overall room plan and implementation can be, the better the outcome for the client. 

Cheerful beginnings to you!  Wanda  

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