Monday, February 8, 2010

An Homage to Love

I have a true confession to make . . . red is one of my most favorite colors.  While it is often associated with passion and fury, I prefer the other interpretations which move toward the direction of happiness and love.  And – oh how happy I am in a room with anything red!  It can be from head-to-toe or in a vase of flowers and my heart starts to sing.

As the special day for love, Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner, I wanted to share with you my adoration for red and an indulgence of the heart!


There are many shades and tints of red, just like we find in the beautiful blossoms in nature.

RedBud_SW6312 Fireweed_SW6328

CLASS_R A perfectly pretty pagoda in pink!


This room, from the pages of House Beautiful, reminds me of a color scheme I used in a show house bedroom, a few years ago.  Often, when you speak of painting walls in a pink or blush color, and in a public area, people may cringe.  When they walk into a room, like the one above, you often instantly see them smile and relax.  While not exactly full-blown red, pink is what we refer to as a tint.  A tint is any color which has white added to it to soften its affect.

With this post, I send you my best wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day!  Make sure you make a little time to enjoy the people and things you love. 

Heartfelt Cheers!  Wanda  valentine-heart


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Wanda! I love that pagoda fabric.

Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

Thanks, Kathy! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too. The pagoda fabric is one of my favorites, too.

Allison Reece said...

Love your blog.. so refreshing! Great tunes too!
Allison Reece
Raleigh, NC
but raised in the WNC mtns!