Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Little Imagination Goes a Long Way

While taking part in some last minute preparations for a table top event, (previously posted below), I was glancing over the Horchow website, where they had focused upon the rising interest in all things tufted.  Since I am on a writing time crunch, I’ll share just one observation about tufted furniture, and then I’ll have to return to my ever increasing “to-do” list.  (Beautiful design isn’t just smoke and mirrors.  It takes a bit of preparation to make everything look easy!)

tufting From Horchow – A fabulous lead-in line:  “tuft love – with more dimples than a roomful of toddlers.” 

Back to tufting . . . I do love this upholstery application, and I promise to share more about the details in a future post.  There are all sorts of methods for applying this skilled and intricate art form.  My observations will be more about how the same upholstery frame, treated with different fabrics and room settings, can spin you into so many design directions.  This principal also applies to most upholstery, but I think when tufting is suggested, there can be the opinion of it being a bit matronly and starched, and that only certain period fabrics will work.

Here are some great examples of applications, of which even the manufacturers can benefit by changing their covers and photography to showcase fresher, updated looks.  I’m not singling out only one vendor.  There are many who have lovely showrooms, but older photos on their sites and in their catalogs, might cause a quick click of the mouse or a flip of the page.  Before I receive “un-fan” mail, I’m still honoring their beautiful pieces, I’m just showing how they’ve been enhanced through the eyes of a stylist!

7900_medium_70416 A catalog shot from the vendor . . . lovely, but expected?

blue sofaSame piece, but not your grandmother’s Recamier!  The bold, blue solid texture allows the architecture of the design to pop.  Adding modern art always switches the gears in a room . . . Fifth speed, anyone?

chair 1 The same sofa receives a little Italian accent – via this mirrored table.  Molto bella!

7440-03_medium_60910 Another catalog shot.  There’s nothing wrong with the use of leather on this Duncan Phyfe style sofa, but . . .

untitled  . . . this gray version brings a vision of softness and sophistication.  The simple rug and understated trimmings prevent this room from being too “serious”.

golden If your personality requires a bit more color, this caramel leather warms up the setting, with rays of the Tuscan sun.

Tufting comes in many different forms and fashions.  A very modern client allowed me to pop a tufted chair, into her family room.  It was covered with a soft metallic leather and accented in silver, nail head trim.  I was really surprised she let us stretch her design style, but it’s one of her favorite pieces – and so comfortable, too!  (This reminds me of how I need to update my website with new photos.  Mmmmm . . . . )

Be sure to stay-tuned for more tufting pics and quips.  You never know where my imagination – and keyboard -  will travel!

Cheerful wishes for the best week!


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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love tufted chairs and ottomans! Hope all is well your way, Wanda!

Team said...

Really enjoyed the post Wanda! You are on to something, the addition of a tufted piece in a room can add a bit of the unexpected. And by adding your own twist (whether by choice of fabric or placement or detailing) really makes the room your own. Our Hickory Furniture Mart showrooms and galleries have a wide variety of tufted pieces to meet anyone's style.

imageglow said...

This is a really great post Wanda, and LOVE the photos that beautifully emphasize your point.