Sunday, March 28, 2010

“A Spiritual Spring Cleaning”*

On occasion, I’ll step back from the world of interior design, to look through a different pair of lens.  As the holidays of Easter and Passover are almost upon us, it would be easy to share tips on how to prepare your homes for entertainment and speak of chocolate bunnies or special dishes, but that would be glossing over the surface.

Kiawah MorningWhile going back through some images, I found a photo I took at Kiawah Island, SC, at dawn.  Ever the night owl that I am, I still do find the solitude of an early morning to be a wonderful time for reflection and to take heart in the dawn of a new day.

Depending on your personal religious or spiritual beliefs, this time of year bears great significance for many.  The message for Christians is of the Resurrection occurring so that one may walk a new way or path of life.  Forgiveness for transgressions, or sin, is provided through the ultimate art of sacrifice.  For those of the Jewish faith, Passover signifies a liberation or a freeing of burdens.  (A great article on “Passover 2010 – Why Pesach Matters” – can be found here.)  In both cases, while there may be a difference in doctrines, the ability to “let go” parallels closer than some might think.  It’s kind of like a “spiritual spring cleaning”, as referenced by author Bob Deffinbaugh*.

I think it’s comforting to be reminded how each new day brings possibilities.  We’re given a choice of how to address our destiny, no matter what circumstance may have preceded it, or what lies before us.

Kiawah Marsh View. . . . for Joy cometh in the morning.(excerpt from Psalm 30.5 – ) – Another view of Kiawah.

Thank you for letting me take a little bit of time away from my interior design world.  I’ll be in the process of a little spring cleaning of my own.

Blessings to you all!  Wanda


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