Friday, April 2, 2010

A Mossy Mishmash

The prolific rains, from the El Niño effect, have provided much commentary about folks feeling as if they might be “growing moss”.  Well, for me, it’s partially true, as I’ve looked at the effects it has rendered on certain woodland-type areas in my yard.  The perfect degree of shade and moisture have created an abundance of the lovely, velvety textured growth. 

800px-Tionesta-ac-moss2 Forest flooring at its finest . . . moss carpets in low-lying, shaded areas.

While in the world of botanicals, they are classified as bryophytes, and there are about 12,000 species, for simplicity sake, I’ll just zero in on the type I’m seeing spreading and creating lovely surfaces in my gardens.  Most people are familiar with seeing this in a sheet variety, as it can be excavated and used in a multitude of ways.

bevfabriccrafts_2097_1597479971   bevfabriccrafts_2044_90268894

If you love are a fan of green, an outdoor container can become it’s own little eco-system with the addition of a moss covering.

56703_1_468Not sure how to treat a wall?  Forget the paint and paper, a vertical garden can be created with a moss foundation and plantings . . . and a green thumb!

52031_4_468 Taking it to a whole other level . . . or two, or three!

52031_5_468 And here are the steps to get there . . .

52031_1_468I love this application for the Athenaeum Hotel in London. What a great high rise alternative if planting trees may be prohibitive.


I want this interior tablescape!  So interesting and yet so simple.  A glass top makes for no fuss, no muss.

55194_2_468 A designer’s dream!  Architecture, combined with textural variances, sleek meets earthy - and the juxtaposition of a perfect pattern.

And to think it all began, here:

_wsb_372x323_Moss Farm Pendants Vegas  07 119 

What are your favorite ways to use moss?  Please do share!

Cheers from the woodlands! – Wanda

(Architectural photos are courtesy of Trendhunter Magazine.)


Norbridge Antiques said...

I try to encourage the moss to grow on my flagstone patio. It is so nice to feel it underfoot on a hot day.
Kind regards.

Developing Designs said...

I love moss, and am blown away by these beautiful images. I love when it adds patina to pots outside. I agree, I love the way it feels stepping on it. I also love to photograph it when I come across it in nature.