Saturday, May 29, 2010

On A “Lighter” Note – Simple Summer Living

While I’m “officially” on hiatus for a few more days, I know many Americans are also “officially” kicking off the summer vacation season, or are planning for all of the fun times which coincide with it.  In order to have more summer fun, it’s best to keep it simple . . . cooking, entertaining, and even our daily routines.  It’s also the time of year when designers look at rooms, laden with heavy textures and colors, and clients are ready to open up their spaces, allow for more movement, and let the sun shine in!  Think of all of the phrases we’ve coined, containing a form of the word, “light”.  (Lighten our load., A lighter spirit., Lighten up., . . . to name a few.) 

So . . . . in the spirit of keeping this “light and simple”, I’m sharing some related posts from some other blog and design websites. 

grilledporkloin7 Grilled pork tenderloin and a simple salad – from my friend, Amy, of “She Wears Many Hats”.  Click here for her recipe.  (I love that she uses “Yum-Yum” as her food tab!)  Amy is an avid blogger from upstate South Carolina.  We tweet, from time-to-time, and have met in real life at a recent book signing for the Pioneer Woman.

martha deck martha fountain

Leave it to the team at Martha Stewart to find simple solutions for outdoor living spaces!  Some cedar decking, placed on squares of wood, then pushed together, create this portable deck area.  Cluster some potted plants and you are done!  I also love the stacked pot fountain.  It’s a quick day project with rewarding results.


Sheers panels, as shown in this room setting from “Traditional Home”, provide an easy and airy solution for spur of the moment window treatments.  Later on, you can always layer side panels.  Some great blog reads, regarding window treatments and design, are:  terri’ and Jackie Von Tobel Home


Need to plan a get-a-way?  Visit my friend, Julia Rosien’s blog, Go Girlfriend.  You’ll enjoy reading about her travel experiences, as she removes the complication from planning your travels.


Or . . . Is your home the arrival destination?  Quick ship bedding from Eastern Accents, (and a shameless plug, here), available through my design firm, can upgrade a plain Jane, (or John), room from economy class to a luxury suite, in a short order of time.

Hammock-748808 Of course, this is a great simple solution, too!

Have a safe and special Memorial Weekend.  Please take a moment to honor those who have served us well.


Experience the best about design!  Wanda

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Amy said...


That stacked pot fountain inspired me a couple of yrs ago when that came out. It's a cool idea.

Gorgeous bedroom!