Sunday, June 13, 2010

3 Cool Solutions for a Hot Day – And 1 For Good Measure!

Last night, during a very late, night owl session, I was Tweet-chatting with my friend, Maybelline Te.  I read her previous posts of the heat she has been experiencing, while visiting with family and friends, in and around Cebu, in the Philippines.  I believe she mentioned the mercury had been hovering around 94 degrees, Fahrenheit.  (I’m clarifying the difference because they tend to go by Celsius, in other countries.)  I was thinking, “Wow!  That is warm”, and then chuckled when I realized it’s been about the same in my area.  I’ve been joking that all one has to do is walk outdoors, and a free, instant facial will be provided.  (And, whether you have straight or curly hair, it will definitely not be a good hair day.)

Meanwhile, if you are in an location, where the AC has been running full force or outdoor activities are not so appealing, chances are, you’ll totally relate to this post.  I thought it would be nice to capture the moment with “Cool Solutions for a Hot Day”, and I hope you’ll enjoy the brief respite!

30011.  As a southerner, there is never a moment when I don’t have a pitcher of tea in the fridge.  It doesn’t matter how chilled it already is . . . there’s going to be ice involved!  This brewing pitcher, available from Tea Forté, is the perfect solution if you want a fresh glass, without much fuss.  They currently have a special offer, so be sure to click on this link.  I’m tempted by some of their delicious flavors, too – iced raspberry nectar and iced pomegranate blackberry.  Tons of anti-oxidant benefits, as well!

I thought it was especially helpful to see the preparation steps demonstrated.  I love it when a merchant takes the mystery away from the “how-to”.  I also appreciate the combination of beautiful design and function.  Mmmmm . . . Excuse me for a moment . . . I think I have an order to place!

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2.  Ceiling fans – love them or hate them?  I’ve got clients who have strong opinions and it’s a real 50/50 split on the subject.  Some can’t get past the look and others can’t live without the function.  Let me just say this, I always think of function before form, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the aesthetics in the process.  I think this fan, from Hunter Fan Company, is a pretty sharp cookie, and it’s probably because they got it right in several categories.  Let’s talk function, first.  The blades are coated with Dust Armor™ Nanotechnology.  This is designed to repeal dust from the blades, so it keeps maintenance low, while prevented sneezing fits every time you hit the ‘on’ control.  It’s also ENERGY STAR® rated and utilizes their WhisperWind® Motor, for quiet operation.  No humming or buzzing above.  The design is compact and sleek.  If you need to have an egress light for your room, this fan incorporates it in a non-obtrusive way.  You won’t have ugly, dangling light bulbs detracting from your beautiful interiors.  Different finishes are also available to compliment your other metals and color palette.

Hunter3.  Another way to maintain your cool, is to think about switching out your bed linens in the summer months.  The challenge can be in maintaining a soft, fluffy look, without adding a heavy layer to be tossed aside, every evening.  One of my favorite solutions is the summer weight silk comforter from DeWoolfson Fine Linens.  It’s filled with fine, Mulberry silk, which is naturally hypoallergenic.  The cover is silk habotai, which loosely translated, means soft-as-down – and that, it is!  I call it the “binkie” for grown-ups.  I do really believe we sleep better, when the largest organ of our body, our skin, experiences a little extra nurturing and care. Did you know silk is the closest thing to human skin as it contains a natural protein and essential amino acids?  Dust mites are naturally repelled by silk and it is also a naturally fire retardant material. (From the Silk Perfect site.)  While we might think of silk as a luxury item, when you understand all of the benefits and the performance of the fiber, silk really is a “cool thing”!

untitled So now you have my three “cool” solutions for a hot day.  What’s the one for good measure? . . .

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. . . Take a cooling, Epsom salt bath.  There are so many combinations you can create, with essential oils, or by adding some sprigs of peppermint.  You’ll not only cool off, but the benefits are amazing from what is absorbed through our skin.  (Yes, that protective body covering needs a little extra TLC, as it directs good things to our internal systems.)  Just a few cups, diluted in your bath, and you’re good to go!

Do take care, as you go out into the heat!  Be sure to “design” your day for the best experience!

All my best!  Wanda

Still coming in June - “A Room At A Time” Blogpost Series!


Norbridge Antiques said...

These ideas are wonderful ways of managing in the hot weather. The iced tea is refreshing especially when served so attractively.

BRY said...

I find the best way to manage the hot weather is to leave it....But at the times I can't a jump in the pool also works. :))))

Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

Thanks for sharing your comments! I agree that the tea is more pleasing when presented, beautifully, and when all else fails, the pool is a great solution!