Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flying Your Flag High – Inside and Out

We Americans are an odd lot.  Thankfully, it’s an inalienable right to be so!  It’s in our constitution to be able to express ourselves, freely and often, even if we don’t agree.  In fact, some may observe we are a nation, proliferate with a differing of opinions.  We can offer up a pretty good lot of criticism, especially during some of these trying times.  I view it a bit like being a part of a large family.  We can dish it out, but when it comes down to someone else stepping on the “family’s” toes, we band together with an immense source of protective pride!  The Fourth of July – or our Independence Day celebration – is to me, like a big family reunion.  We can be out-of-touch, for a time, but the day brings us together to recognize our roots, and we’ll fly our flags high, celebrate with great food, and make a lot of noise in the process! 

Here are some ideas for spreading the red,white, and blue theme, inside and out:


Bunting draped on this turn-of-the-century home leaves no doubt about the event being celebrated.

Copy (2) of July 4th Some random accents add pops of color.


Pots bursting forth with patriotic pride! 

What a most creative way for this homeowner to display their quilt collection!  A cleverly placed screened-door, painted in ink blue, frames the contents.


We Southerners do love our porches! Nan Graham shares a fun poke at us, in her book, Turn South at the Next Magnolia.  To paraphrase . . . “Whereas others may hide their eccentric family members, we Southerners proudly display them on the porch, for everyone to see.”  Wonder if it’s like going “whole hog”, when it comes to decorating with the red, white, and blue?

I hope you’ll be inspired to show your true colors and fly them high.  You’ve been given permission!

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Beach Combing... said...

Great post Wanda! Love love love Vietri, thanks showcasing a few pieces. Have a wonderful weekend with your family. We will be celebrating on our deck over looking SF Bay - hopefully no sea fog!

Norbridge Antiques said...

Wanda, I love these porches all dressed up with red, white, and blue. I admire the American spirit. Happy Independence Day, to you.
Kind regards,

DesignTies said...

Wanda, you're terrific - thanks for such a positive comment on my "perfect colour" post! I'm really proud of our fireplace... I designed the mantle with our millwork carpenter, and I tiled the facade and hearth myself. As for being an interior design expert... not yet! Not nearly as expert as you!! :-)

Happy 4th of July... this post was colourfully patriotic and fun!!

Victoria @ DeisgnTies

Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

Caron, what a great place to celebrate the 4th! Hope you have clear weather. :D Juliana, I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day celebration. Victoria, you show your fab talents by not only in design, but your execution of the work. So thankful to have comments shared by you special women!