Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interior Design, Celebrity Style

It might be a dangerous thing for me to be working on several articles, while also designing for clients.  I’ve got two articles to complete for Charlotte Style Magazine . . . one for the online July issue, and one for the Fall print issue.  Of course, they are due within weeks of each other!  (And I’ve promised to soon post my blog series about designing “One Room At A Time”.)  What’s an interiors’ gal to do?!  Ask for your help, that’s what!

The July article will be about “Interior Design, Celebrity Style”.  Who are your favorite celebrities and why do you think they have the “It” factor?  Are they a true arbiter of taste and would you want to emulate their style in your own home?  Of course, some of them may be on a different investment level, but if you could choose one luxury item to incorporate, what would it be?  Or would you even mirror it with a pretty good knock-off?

Need a little brain boost?  Here you go:


The home of Bill and Melinda Gates, in Medina, Washington, boasts 66,000 square feet and the nickname, “Xanadu”.  When we say “celebrity”, we often think of musicians, film industry moguls, and actors.  Bill Gates is a rock star in his tech world, and beyond!


Sometimes we might think a celebrity’s home would be over-the-top.  The view, inside of Oprah Winfrey’s tea house, at her Montecito estate, seems to be comfy and low-key.  (Well . . . referring to a tea house on an estate does add a bit of the “in awe of” to that statement!)


Some interior designers reach celebrity status, while designing for celebrities.  Michael S. Smith, has not only created homes for actors and models, he was selected by “Flotus”, to renew the interiors of the White House.


I was so hoping to find some photos of the “Divine Miss M”, Bette Midler’s home.  When she was last interviewed by Barbara Walters, I was surprised to see how serene and refined it was.  Sometimes you can’t judge a book by it’s cover!  (J’adore Miss Bette!)

So – What celebrity’s style do you love?  What would be that guilty object of luxurious affection?  Come on, please dish!

Experience the best about design, in your world! ~ Wanda

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We love imitating celebrity style! At the HFM, we have so many designers to choose from, it isn't hard! We've found that something as simple as window treatments can really spruce up a room, and make it look so elegant.