Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Bathing Beauty – Modern Design Meets Italian “Fusion”

I’m sharing a little side “trip” from my series, “Designing A Room At A Time”, by featuring a portion of a new-build project I completed, last year.  Actually, my client and I are still adding personalized touches, due to the scale of the process, but the bulk of the work has been done.  You’ll be able to view the architectural designer’s featured link to the home – Here. (It may be best viewed if you have Flash.)  I was the project’s interior designer, from blueprint to finish, and from top to bottom.  (The architect’s photography was done in an earlier stage, but you will have a good grasp of the overall design concept.)  There were so many special spaces in this home! It has been difficult to decide which one is my favorite.  Each area has its own little story.

One bath and bedroom area, in particular, required a little extra thought, given the overall design is an Italian Villa meets the French Mediterranean.  This area was designated to be a guest suite, as well as to be a retreat for a daughter, during her visits home.  She loved the aesthetic of a streamlined, fabulous hotel suite.  As I was pondering how to create this area, while still honoring the areas leading into this space, I knew I could call on color to be my “first assistant”.  I decided to focus on some of the softer palettes of green, mocha, and brick. I’m sharing with you the final results of the bath, and I do think “she” turned out to be a real bathing beauty!


The cabinet compliments the strié tile, with the sparkling deco inserts of crackled glass.  The broad horizontal plane, painted in the same color of the trim, creates the perfect location for placing crystallized, tile-like color accents.  It also brings a tall ceiling down to human scale.  The vanity light defers to an iron scroll design, used in the bedroom window treatments.


 Copy of _MG_4271

A closer look at the crystallized accents.  You can see the glimmer of green on top of the rust base.  Every girl loves a little bling!


The location of the bedroom and bath faces a very sunny exposure.  The mostly green palette virtually brings the temps down on a hot day.

Courtney's Bedding

This paisley bedding adds some feminine curves to the bedroom.  We are still tweaking that area so watch for a future post on the completed look.  The colors are spot on!

Tighe - Bth 4 Courtney IMG_1566

The starting point . . . This beautiful White River granite made us feel as if we were sailing on the Italian Riviera.


It was fun travelling with you, today!  I would love to hear about one of the most beautiful bathrooms you’ve seen.  Tell me what made it so special or about a favorite feature.

Con Grazie!

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averydesigninteriors said...

Hi Wanda,
Love how you share your design inspiration and drawings. The space is breath-taking - love it! Can I move in? LOL!
All the best,

Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

Hi Catherine,
Thank you so much for the thumbs-up! Coming from you that means the world! It's fun to go back to previous projects and think about the process it took to get to the end result. I'm so glad you like it!
Hugs! Wanda