Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interior Design – On A Wing and A Prayer

I found this beautiful little fellow floating around, near my garden. 


(The photo is a little blurred.  This happy fellow just couldn’t stay still!)

While stopping to admire how Mother Nature so carefully anointed his wings, and with such a beautiful pattern of design and color, it reminded me about the beginnings of my design business.  This month, my little interior design company will be celebrating its 14th anniversary!  I remember being so proud of myself, the day I decided to spread my wings to take that flight.  My part-time venture had become a full-time profession . . . no more time for the other “day job”.  I had some wonderfully supportive clients, who thankfully, are still with me today.


(Sometimes, we need a little shelter from the storms.)

Since that time, the world of design has seen many changes – not unlike other industries.  I’ve steered my business through some interesting times.  I’ll never forget being in the car when a friend called me, on September 11th, to tell me about the attacks on the United States.  I was on my way to a client meeting.  We all wondered what would happen next.  For my generation, it was our Pearl Harbor.  Now, we’ve been in an economic period, where only our parents or grandparents might have a remembrance of such a time of challenge for so many.  We are probably still wondering, “What’s next?”


(We always get along better, in life, having a partner.  Thank you to my dear husband, Roger, for always being there for me.)

So . . . on the days when I’m asking myself that question, while planning for the future of my business, I have to think back to when it first began.  I remember the folks who have been my cheerleaders, the wonderful experiences I’ve had along the way, and this beautiful butterfly reminded me of something important . . .  There’s something to be said for moving forward on a wing and a prayer.

Thank you for helping me to soar!

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swaygrl said...

Another thing you and my mom have in common Wanda, love of butterflies! I just love your blog and you are right we all need shelter from the storms of life at times! Take care!