Sunday, September 19, 2010

Am I Blue?


So . . .  This week, a gazillion of my Twitter friends are heading to NYC to be in the audience of the Nate Berkus Show.  Why?  Well, because they are design bloggers, extraordinaire, and a couple of raving fans of Nate, the Moggit Girls, made this show happen.  There’s even a photo guide for everyone who’s attending. 


(Chanee Vijay, a Charlotte area blogger, created this page.  You can see the fun gal pals from Moggit Girls, Joy and Janet, along with my Twitter friend, Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo, a fab NYC blogger, recently in the process of refurbishing a country home in Connecticut.)

So why am I blue?  Well, if you peruse the photos, there’s one missing . . . .


Now don’t get me wrong.  While I would enjoy seeing the talented Nate Berkus, my demeanor is more about missing a meet-up with folks – and with whom I’ve shared tons of tweets, (even think of some as good friends), but some I’ve never met in real life.  I’m also very blessed to be busy with projects so I’m really thrilled my calendar isn’t overly empty.  It’s just a little bit like knowing there’s a great, school-night party and your parents are telling you to stay home to study for exams.  You know they’re right but it still leaves you in a bit of a funk.

In honor of this cool color, which gets such a bad rap in being often overused for describing a less than joyful outlook, I’ve decided to show it’s sunny side – and mine, too!

ANA-HO512-full thank_you_blue1

Something blue landing in your mailbox?  A handwritten note can chase the other kind away!


Ever heard of the bluebird of happiness?


You could certainly wash the blues away in this fab vintage bath featured on Decorology.


There’s just something plain fun about this not so plain blue milkglass plate!


Have a cup of warm tea in a lovely vintage set from my friend, Juliane, of Norbridge Antiques.  (Another Twitter friend I’ve not met, in person, but feel as if we’ve been close chums for a long time!)


Of course, something sweet always goes a long way in raising the endorphins. . . if not also ones blood sugar level!

Have a fabulous time, all of my blogging buds!

Be sure to tell  nateberkus-290x219 I said “hello”!

All my best! ~ Wanda


averydesigninteriors said...

We will miss you so Wanda!
Though happy for you that you have too much work to make it.
Love all your blue especially the cupcakes(inside joke).
Big hugs to you my friend,

ABC Dragoo said...

Oh Wanda!

How I wish you were going to be in town this week ~ it's such a bummer that they gave those who'd have to travel such short notice. I mean really, who can drop everything and fly across the country on less than 1 weeks notice?

I am shocked at how many that were able to do just that!

Wonderful post Wanda ~ you'll be with us in spirit.

Storibook Designs said...

What a great description, "like knowing there’s a great, school-night party and your parents are telling you to stay home to study". Awesome post Wanda!

Norbridge Antiques said...

Wanda, I like how you've turned being blue into a positive look at blue. Thank you for the lovely surprise of mentioning me in this post. Blue is my favourite colour. This beautiful colour makes me feel calm and serene.
This is a beautiful post.
Kind regards,

Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

I'm always so appreciative when you take your time to share your kind comments!
Catherine, all work and no play can make us dull designers, so at some point, I do hope to make it to NYC for fun!

Amy, I'll miss catching up with you, but as you said, I'll be with you in spirit, for certain!

Sarah, Isn't it funny how we remember those experiences? We know what's best for us but the temptation to join in has a strong pull!

Juliane, I just had to share something from your lovely collections, with my readers, and I knew it had to be in blue - just for you!

Thanks, everyone. You helped make my day and I'm now "in the pink"! :) ~ Wanda