Friday, September 24, 2010

A Bounty of Blue!

In my previous post, “Am I Blue” , I shared about missing some time with my favorite Blogger & Twitter friends, at an event in NYC.  They were heading to the Nate Berkus Show, but then the focus had become more about sharing fun times and connecting with one another.  That’s really the part I missed the most.  What mattered, in the end, was that everyone saw their “true blue” friends and made new connections, as well.  You could say it was a “Bounty of Blue” and I’ll share some links so you can read all about it!

Meanwhile, I’m wrapping up my Blue Week.  I’m really feeling “in the pink”, but that’s another color palette to be shared!


A lovely cabinet from Waterfall.  I think it’s a bit of Louis Phillipe meets Gustavian glamour.


Highland Court fabrics show a bounty of blue, tipped in turquoise.  It’s one of my favorite lines to offer my clients!


A buffet of bodacious blue!  (There are heirloom pumpkins which are actually grown in this color!)


I love the new Avalon collection from Thibaut.  The Hampton Ponds fabric is just the right scale for this upholstered headboard!

Have a “Bluetiful” Weekend!   ~  All my best!  Wanda

As promised, here are some blog posts about the big NYC Event!  (I’ll add more links so stay-tuned as my blogger friends chat away!)


Jonathan Legate

Avery Design Interiors

Shay Geyer – IBB Design Fine Furnishings


The Zhush said...

Gorgeous! Any idea where I can find the sheets and bedding in the last image?

Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

Thank you! I'm pretty certain the bedding was created with banding or ribbon banding placed on the duvet and inserts. This photo is from their website.