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A Little Blush and Lipstick – The Gentle Art of Design

My mother is not one who is a really blunt woman.  In fact, I usually have to nudge her to speak up for herself.  As she’s gotten older, she has developed a more assertive side, (which sometimes takes my father aback), but that’s a whole other story!  At any rate, this dear, little soft-spoken woman – all of four feet, nine inches -  will not hesitate to let her daughter know if she needs to “put on some lipstick” or add a bit of blush to brighten her face.  I think she believes, even if the attire is casual, this somehow adds a bit of properness to the whole ensemble.  I grew up in a time where women not only wore dresses and suits to church, but hats and gloves were also de rigueur.  I wore patent leather shoes with lace anklet socks, carried a little purse, wore gloves, and there was usually a crinoline petticoat involved.  I think you’ve got the full picture, now!

sonicchiccollection chart_entireface

(Like shades of blush, the world of design offers many shades of loveliness!)

There are sometimes projects, where the room just calls out for a makeover.  Often, it’s a living room, where it’s difficult for a client to financially justify replacing the upholstery or furnishings because they may receive so little use.  Of course, I really do like to repurpose a room for better function, but sometimes my clients still want to maintain an area where they can bring a visitor into their home, unencumbered by toys, a television, or other more boisterous activities.  It may be a quiet retreat for reading or listening to music.  Even if the furnishings are in “good shape”, they can still appear tired and washed out because of a dated look.  They definitely need a makeover if other surrounding areas have been getting “major surgery”!  Of course, as any women who might be receiving a new look, it’s difficult to provide a “do-over” while she still has her previous make-up applied.  The first thing which happens is a good cleaning of the face and then the magic begins!

In a previous post, I had created an inspiration board to share with a particular client.  You can click on the collage to read all about it.

Red, Yellow, Chartreuse  Stout - LR Sofa IMG_1774

(“Living Room Inspirations & The Universe” – A Previous Post.  My client is ready to remove the blue fabric and all of the patchwork pillows, while working with some of the colors in her artwork and her favorite color, green.)

Design Update 1

I’ve decided to offer my client a room, which utilizes her camelback sofa, but with a skirt added to soften the edges and eliminate the leggy look.  Changing the lamps to a modern silhouette will bring the room up-to-date.  (Lamps and shades are an important investment.  They can make or break a room, in my opinion.)  I’m also switching to a larger, cleaner scaled pattern for the pillows and the window panels.  (And in her favorite color!)  The pop of textured red on the sofa will allow us to blend in other patterns on chairs and accents.  She already had the ocelot patterned ottoman and it brings a fun accent into play.  The rug doesn’t show very well but it will be a tone-on-tone woven, with maybe a dot or line of color.  While different from the original inspiration board, we were able to use it to begin the conversation about this room and what it needed.  I’m channeling my mother, as she always makes suggestions with love and care, with the understanding it’s good to put your best foot forward.  Aside from the foyer, any room at the front of the house commands for that to happen.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as we move along.  We’re working on other areas of the home, where major surgery has been prescribed.  This may or may not get put into the progress pile, but at least we’ll have a direction for what’s to come. 

I’ll be heading out, in the morning, to go over the plans, fabrics, and options.  You’d better bet I’ll be putting on my blush and lipstick.  My mother’s words are always there to remind me!

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