Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010 High Point Market Finds – Post 1

A first glimpse of behind the scenes:

HP Mkt 2010 Fall

(I took a window wall, in a current client’s home, and created a concept board for how it might appear if I translated this design direction to her space.  We could emulate an English library, with the hand-painted plaid chest being the focal point, instead of a fireplace.)

There is so much to tell about my recent visit to the High Point Market!  There were so many beautiful showrooms, new market introductions, and amazing events – chock full of fabulous interior designers and trade vendors in attendance!  I’ll be sure to sprinkle some of that in, as I continue to post.  I know what you’ve been waiting for; however, and that’s the visual experience.  I’ll do my best to let the pictures do the talking, while I share short tidbits of some of the trends and the concepts behind them.  So without further adieu . . . .

The Thrill of The Hunt!

Hunt scenes, herringbone wovens, tattersall plaids, dog motifs, updated paisleys, and many gentrified appointments will be prominent in home design.  The classics have never gone away – they’re just being revamped!  There will be a return to some of the jeweled tones - not the heavy ones of yesteryear, but softened and more sophisticated.  Look for Jacobean florals and large graphic adaptations of traditional patterns, such as the deer horn trophy fabric, shown in the CR Laine showroom, above. 

IMG_20101019_135237 (2)

(Horn covered accents are the perfect way to tie this look together.  These were made from naturally shed horns.)


(This tooled, leather table not only compliments an equestrian flair, it also brings in an important color on the rise – caramel.  Look for it to be trending into 2012.  The antique brass finish shows off a metallic touch, of which we’ll be seeing more.)


(Notice how the jeweled tones, in this crewel paisley fabric, are a bit brighter and fresher.  This textile could be very “happy” in a bohemian chic room, too.  A little touch of caramel makes it absolutely delicious!)

HP Mkt 2011

(Oh, if I only had a place to put these beautifully carved and painted panels!  They were in the new Antiques & Design Center.  These lovely ponies once graced the back of a bar.)

I’ve shared just a smattering of this classic style.  If the idea of the “hunt” is not your cup of tea, there are definitely some elements which can be paired with other design details, to add in the depth of history, character, charm, and the accumulated feeling of this interior’s focus.  Believe it or not, you can create a bit of “Ralph Lauren meets punk”, if you desire!  An interior designer has the ability to provide the artistic license to create the most unique spaces.

Have questions about anything you have seen or need some guidance?  Please feel free to ask!  This look is perfect for the Charlotte, NC area I serve!

For now, I’m trotting off!  Have a lovely day! ~ Wanda

Coming next . . . Vintage/Cottage Style.



Norbridge Antiques said...

Wanda, thank you for sharing these choice treats from your High Point experience.
Kind regards,

Storibook Designs said...

Hi Wanda ~ love your design board and really appreciate you sharing your finds!! I have a client who owns a horse farm and she'll be quite thrilled this!! :-)