Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Birthdays, Pumpkins, and the High Point Furniture Market

I’ll be the first to admit, some of my blogposts may seem like an exercise in free word association.  I remember as a small child, I was told I had the “gift of gab”, and I’m sure for the most part, it was meant in the “nicest sort of way”.  (If you knew my father, you would understand how I dove headfirst into that gene pool!)  I always promise to get to the point . . . eventually, via “a long story short”!

I used to be one of those people who would tend to ignore any hoopla around my birthday, as I thought passing a certain landmark, without any acknowledgement, might somehow create a magic age reversal.  Now, I embrace how the wisdom of gaining a few extra years and experience, should be a full-on celebration! 

scan0001 (2) pumpkin cupcakes

(The early years:  Here I am on my Grandpa Blackwelder’s lap.  As to why we both look so solemn, I have no idea!  In grade school, I always loved cupcakes instead of having a birthday cake.  I think it was because everyone could have their own pumpkin candy decoration, too.)

Because my birthday is in October, I’ve always been partial to everything related to the vivid fall season.  I love the colors, the crisp crunch of leaves, and the cooler breezes.  As a child, I always had to tune into Charlie Brown’s “Great Pumpkin”, as I knew it meant my birthday and Halloween wouldn’t be too far away.  And . . . yes, I do love pumpkins!  The shape, the color, the flavor . . .  Well, they are nature’s equivalent to being a fat, jolly elf, in my eyes.


Thorny-Vines-Carved-Pumpkin-GTL1006-de Cinderella-Pumpkin-Flower-Design-GTL1006-de


(Need inspiration for some fabulous pumpkin carving designs?  Look no further than the pages of Country Living Magazine!  These are just a sampling of how far your imagination can take you.)

stephen-shubel-hg-2 (Just a hint about a wonderful color palette, seen at the High Point Market, and shown in this lovely design by Stephen Shubel.  Call it Persimmon, Caramel, L’orange – or – Pumpkin!  I even think the ribbing in the bench fabric refers back to the texture of that glorious gourd!  Future market posts to come!)

Copy of HomeArama 2005 002

(I updated a traditional dining room, with deep persimmon walls, and had the glaze combed for added texture.)

By now you are probably agreeing with the first comments about my posts being a free association of words!  How on earth does this tie into the world of the High Point Furniture Market?  If you haven’t guessed, my birthday is this week and being at this beautiful event has been like a full-blown celebration!  I’ve seen so many friends, both old and new.  (You see, I love Twitter and Facebook and have found both to be a hugely supportive and connective community.)  I’ve attended so many functions, where I’ve met some of my favorite designers, caught up on everyone’s lives and business happenings, been inspired to be more and do more, and it has been a real design love fest. 

I’ve felt like Cinderella in the midst of a wonderful ball!  Even if my coach turned into this:


. . . I would be just fine!

Have a happy day!  Wanda

PS – I’ve got one more day of market so stay-tuned for future, fab blogposts as I share my design updates.


Everything Coastal said...

Lovely post Wanda! Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!


Tammy@InStitches said...

Happy Birthday Wanda ! I look forward to your market posts....

Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

Thank you, Caron and Tammy, for the kind birthday wishes! I'm looking forward to a great year!