Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dishing About Eddie Ross ~ Dining Delight!

First, I have to shout out . . . Wow!  Wonderful!  - and - Whoopee!

These simple words come to mind as I think of how I’ll be stalking following Eddie Ross and his partner, Jaithan, around our local, (Charlotte, NC), Metrolina Antique’s Show, on Friday afternoon, November 5th, (sold out).  Eddie is the king of making the process of styling look simple, yet planned.  Whether it’s a room or a table setting, he can scour any shop or flea market for overlooked treasures, add his magic touch, and . . . voila! . . . a masterpiece of design has been created!  I found out about his show schedule, relatively late, but was so excited to get squeezed in for what I’m sure will be a delightful afternoon.  (Thank you, Jaithan!) 


Eddie Ross during a recent treasure hunt.


A lovely setting, by Eddie, featured in “Southern Living” Magazine.  Love his use of vintage milk glass!

E Ross Table

A recent feature about Eddie, in “Lonny” Magazine. 

I have a feeling I might find a kindred spirit,in Eddie, as I tend to have a weakness for beautiful tableware!  With only two of us at home; however, I tend to forget to bring out some of my seasonal pieces, unless it’s time for holiday entertaining.  Reading Eddie’s blogposts has inspired me to make as many of our meals a bit more special.  After all, what good does it do for it to be tucked away in cabinets?

Today, I decided to put a few flowers together, light some votives, pop in a few pumpkins, and bring out my Johnson Brothers’ pattern.


Mixing it up with old and new.


A layer of my transferware, creamware, and a charger.

Eddie Ross table 001

A little bit of gilt goes a long way!


Pulling in some of the colors from my transferware, via flowers and pumpkins.


I love how the texture of the blue pumpkin compliments the mercury glass style vase!


The Johnson Brothers’ pattern is called “Frozen Up” and it’s resting in Lenox’s “Butler’s Pantry”.

Eddie Ross table 008 I kind of have a thing for oak leaves and acorns.  Notice the border pattern and the votive!


As an interior designer, I do love to try placing things on angles, as in the napkins.  It adds a little extra zip! 

Eddie Ross table 019 (2)

Because I have a “few” table patterns, the French vasselier stays dressed in a simple stoneware backdrop.

While it may seem a bit early for Thanksgiving-inspired table settings, I know there is a small window of time when I can use these dishes, so a few practice runs won’t hurt! 

I’ll be sure to do a follow-up post about my adventures with Eddie and Jaithan, as well as to record any found treasures.  I have a feeling another collection could be in the works!

All my best! ~ Wanda

PS - Contest Alert!  I’ll be giving away an autographed copy of Vicente Wolf’s “Lifting the Curtain On Design”!  All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on any two of my posts, beginning with this one and by November 30, 2010.


I’ll announce the winner the first week of December 2010.  I hope you’ll enjoy a festive month!


Froulala said...

Oh how beautiful Wanda! Your table setting has the signature elegance that you carry and implement so well. With your new eating lifestyle, what better way to elevate the cuisine. I so look forward antiquing and flea marketing with you and Davetta this Friday. We will be all agog over Eddie, Jaithan and the goodies! :-)

the savvy host said...

Am I ever inspired! What a fantastic visual walk-through of your entertaining treasures ;-) Thank you for sharing!

Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

Thank you, both, for sharing your kind comments! 'Tis the season for festive dining - even if for one or for two. I'm so glad you enjoyed the virtual settings! XO! Wanda

Jen said...

Lovely inspiring tables. Nothing better than enjoying your own pretty pieces everyday. You are going to have an awesome time following Eddie and Jaithan. Cant wait to see what you discover and enjoy.

Jennifer Duchene