Monday, October 4, 2010

In the Pink – By Design

In most recent times, to say that one is “in the pink”, is often in reference to being in good health.  In the days of old, it came from the fox-hunting tradition where a rider had reached his pinnacle of achievement, in the hunt, and was allowed the privilege of wearing the red jacket, also called, “pinks”.  Some think the modern translation might have also come from the riders, who would have the flush of rose in their cheeks, after the exhilarating trek.  Tradition would have it, only the men should wear the “pinks” and women should wear a black or navy coat. 

Mmmm?  I wonder how such a thing came to be?  We tend to think of pink, (or it’s precursor of red), to be more of the feminine persuasion.  In fact, if you ask many men, they would run far away from the notion of wearing anything in any shade, tint, or form of pink – or – cringe at the notion of having any part of their home accented, swathed, or pinkly punctuated!  Even some women will also share it’s not a color they would fully embrace.

Unless, it’s to don one of these . . . . .


. . . Then any man, woman – or even child, who has had a loved one, friend, or close acquaintance experience the disease of breast cancer, seem to happily cloak themselves in this proud shade of pink, to share their support and love.  In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s time to get “in the pink”, as we celebrate the pinnacle achievements of the survivors, and cherish the memories of those who have passed on.


What’s your favorite tint or shade of pink?


Leave it to clothing designer, Betsy Johnson, to add her twist of whimsy to this palette!

B Johnson

And, by the way, she is also a breast cancer survivor.  Click on the page to read her story.


Stomp out breast cancer in style!


Let’s kiss it “goodbye”!


Let’s cheer on my high school friend, Teresa Worthy Howard, as she heads out for her third walk, as a survivor.


If you can – donate!

Let’s make sure more women can remain, “in the pink”, and don’t forget, men can get breast cancer, too.

All my best! ~ Wanda

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Bruce Barone said...

Excellent post! (I knew you could write it!)

Pink? I just painted all our doors, fence, and wheelbarrow a shade of pink; Benjamin Moore "Victorian Purple."

Thank You for the inspiration as I have been wanting to write a similar post.


Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

Thank you so much, Bruce! I've been a bit behind on my gratitude for great folks, such as you, taking the time to comment on my posts. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your fantastic photos. All my best to you! Wanda