Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Countdown – Day 14

Bright Bulbs – Keeping The Holidays Green - (And Lucky Numbers)

Before I share some lovely ideas to spruce up your holiday decor with a greener kind of “bright bulb” - (and I want to clarify that I’m not referring to the new LED versions) - I’m running an experiment to see if you’ve noticed a “glitch” in the post number sequence.  That’s right . . . number 13 is missing!  

I’m not short-changing you on posts, but if you’ve ever noticed, in hotels and office buildings, they usually skip right to 14, just to ward off any possibilities of superstition.  Now, I’ve personally had some good luck with this number – but – since we’re in the midst of a special time of the year, I just wanted to ward off any possibilities.  This interior designer has your best interests at heart!


Now on to the reason you’re visiting my seasonal posts . . .

It is easy to want to save a bit of time and maintenance with holiday flowers by using silk or preserved blossoms.  There is just something, well, fresher about using the real thing!  If time and attention is getting the best of you, using flowering bulbs can be a way to extend the freshness and with very little maintenance.  Just check them, weekly, to be sure there is enough moisture to sustain them.


Carithers Flowers, of Atlanta, created a beautiful tablescape of paperwhites for a 2009 Southern Living Idea House, in Dahlonaga Georgia.  In some instances, the fragrance of paperwhites can be overwhelming to certain folks.  My husband is one of those people.  In that case, other, less fragrant, forced bulbs can be substituted. 


Amaryllis command your attention, not only due to their brilliant blooms, but with their regal height.  I love clustering other containers, around them, to soften their defined leaves.  Maidenhair fern and moss in mercury glass containers are the perfect compliment. (Photo – Courtesy of Southern Living.)

ft_amaryllis06_m ft_amaryllis07_m ft_amaryllis08_m

A pictorial, from Martha Stewart Living, on proper planting of your amaryllis.  (If you click on any of the photos, you’ll be taken directly to the “how to” page on her site.  Easy!)  I’ve also read where it helps to jump start the bulb, if you soak it in lukewarm water, one hour before planting.  I’m trying that, this year, so I’ll let you know the results.


After visiting the site from Antique Hyacinth Vases, I had a strong feeling a new collection was in my future!  Even without the bulbs in full bloom, the vivid colors of the glass vases provide a festive focal point.


More ideas from Antique Hyacinth Vases.  Year round “bright bulbs” are at your fingertips!


Santa’s keeping a watchful eye over the flower bud.  I just potted this beauty, today.  By adding a few willow branches, I created a little “arbor”,of sorts, and secured it with some twine.  The Spanish moss, at the base, adds some contrast to the green stem and helps hold in moisture.

It can take bulbs twenty-eight to sixty days to come to full bloom, depending on the stage in which you purchase them.  Some floral shops have them ready to go, if you are having a party or holiday event in which you need the immediate color.  I like having some potted, at different stages, so that I can enjoy them throughout the winter months.  It can offset the dreary days without much sun!

If you have any added tips for brightening your holiday decor with things of green, I would love to hear about them!

Happy Planting ! ~ Wanda

14 Days and Counting!

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