Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Countdown – Day 17

The Christmas House

I think in every area, there is someone who can hardly contain themselves when it comes to the joy of Christmas and sharing it with others.  In my little city, just on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC, there is a house, in the historic district, we fondly refer to as the “Christmas House”.  Of course, depending on the time of year and the holiday, it’s always decked out in the appropriate seasonal attire!

This evening, after having dinner at one of the local cafes, I asked my husband to take a drive by . . . you know, just to be reassured the holiday home spirit still lived on. It didn’t disappoint!  Even though my night photography skills on my Droid phone couldn’t possibly do it justice, I just had to see if I could take a few shots to share with you. 

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

IMG_20101215_192513 (2)

This Victorian Era home is painted in shades of green and cranberry.  All that has to be added is the icing.

IMG_20101215_192440 (2)

I’m sure the owner experiences people getting out of their cars to take pictures, on a regular basis.  I was hoping our local police wouldn’t be dialed up with the idea someone was casing the place!


The lovely iron gates were tastefully dressed with a pair of wreaths.  These were some of the more subdued decorations. *wink*


Another small town, with a Victorian village charm, is Cape May, New Jersey.  I made a quick stop over, many years ago, while visiting with a high school chum.  The Bacchus Inn Main House is a vision in holiday red.


Another bed and breakfast, the Linda Lee, fits the description of a gingerbread house to a ‘t’.  I’m not sure if it’s a reflection but I think the lap board siding might have a tint of pink.  Suddenly I feel a peppermint craving coming on!

It’s always fun to share the holiday merriment.  Do you have a special “drive by” on your list?  Maybe it’s even your own home.  If you see lights flashing outdoors, don’t be worried, it might just be an admirer!

Jingling all the way! ~ Wanda

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