Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Countdown – Day 21

Silver and Gold 

Stuck on a color palette for the holidays?  Not quite ready to do a tree in purple or a mantel in fuchsia?  Or, perhaps you feel the need to neutralize an area because your interior’s backdrop already has a lot going on.  Or, you are down to the wire in your holiday adornment.  Need a solution?

Look no further than silver and gold!  Putting on the glitz can work beautifully with just about any decor.

Here’s how I put together a quick table setting, using things I had in the cupboard and with the addition of a new found treasure:

~ First, I pulled out some mercury glass compotes and piled them high with leftover ornaments I had used on an exterior tree.


~ Then, I remembered a recently purchased coffee pot, during one of my antiquing treks.  The melon shaping and relief drew me to it like a moth to a flame.  What a coincidence in how it compliments the compotes!  It was also very reasonable in that it’s old silver-plate.

IMG_20101215_124132 (2)

It didn’t hurt that it contained my middle initial.  There are more panels in which I can add a ‘W’ and an ‘H’.  If you find a piece that you love, don’t worry about the monogram.  Just enjoy it for the beauty and the history!


~Next, I pulled in some small votives and added a focal point candle from Image Glow.

IMG_20101215_123947 (2)

Tucking a few sprigs of Leyland Cyprus, in between, added a softness to the metallic finishes.  I think our design preferences should reflect our personalities.  I’m a “nester” and love tranquility.  I tend to “smooth the edges” in design and in daily life.


Here’s a quick review of how I created this easy design:

We’re almost there!  The countdown will continue for another week and then we’ll be looking forward to the New Year!  Lots will be in store for fresh ideas, sharing of tips, and I’ll so look forward to spending it with you!

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold.” (Traditional Girl Scout’s Song)

If you’ve enjoyed my blog, thank you for sharing it with your friends.  They are always welcome, here! ~ Wanda

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