Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Countdown – Day 4

Wrapping It Up – Eco Style

It’s easy, when in a hurry, to want to grab the nearest gift bag, stuff in some tissue and the gift, and be on your way.  Yours truly has been guilty of this activity, too!  - And I’m not taking an oath that it won’t happen again, during the next few weeks. :)  When I allow myself a little extra time; however, I actually take pleasure in adorning a box with beautiful papers, textural ribbons, and whatever little ornament or accent I might find.

Personal touches are part of the art of gift giving.

yhst-69872478006310_2135_28942619 (2)You can tell these wraps, from Fish Lips Paper Design, must have been created by someone with a background in interiors!   Kimi Chronis, the company’s owner, while working as an interior designer, developed a strong interest in sustainability and became a LEED, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designs), accredited professional.

yhst-69872478006310_2135_1767999 (2)Here is a close-up of one of the featured paper patterns – ‘Chrazy’.  We all need a little of that in our lives, in the good sort of way!

Cosmic Frosted Blue The retro and Mid-Century modern movement has become quite popular in the design world.  When I saw this ‘Cosmic Christmas Frosted Blue’ pattern, it made me smile as I remembered Sunday evening tv and the Jetsons series (1962-1963). The design is from Nashville Wraps and is part of their Green Way® Eco-Friendly packaging group.

ml801_1297_curlyq_xlTopping the gift is truly the icing on the cake.  Conserving on materials is a great way to “go green” with your gifting.  This bow was made from the paper, itself.  Click on the image, above, to learn how!

la100429_1203_curls_xlSo, maybe this cascade of ribbon may not conserve as much on the materials, but it is to die for!  (And it does feature such a lovely shade of teal!) 

Need a little tutorial on how to tie a bow?  Eddie Ross shares a great video tip:

ld102433_1106_tastefulltag_xlAs Eddie shared in his video, satin ribbons can easily be used again, via ironing.  The gingerbread embellishments can actually be consumed.  Who would ever toss those out?!

I hope today’s post has inspired you to spend a bit more thought and time on presenting a gift to your favorite someone.  I’d say, “It’s a wrap!”

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22 Days and Counting! ~ All my best! ~ Wanda

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Maureen @ Modecor said...

These are beautiful examples of gift wrapping. Love the bow made out of the paper. I decided this year to wrap fake presents just to have for the was fun to dress them up without having anyone tear them up after.