Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Countdown – Day 8

All I Want For Christmas

This evening, I was part of a fun event on Twitter, where we shared about the luxury gifts we could imagine seeing under a huge Christmas tree.  It was one of those ocassions, where in a guilt-free world, we could wish for pretty much anything.  (All good, mind you.)  Well, of course, I had some rather grand ideas.  A private chef would be lovely.  A daily dose of personal pampering.  I’m sure you could expand your own list, as well!

My mind also went to things which brought out the inner child in me.  You know . . . the ones where I might squeal with excitement if, on Christmas day, my heart’s desire and wishes might be granted?

Here’s what I shared . . .

Jeep Wagoneer

My husband shakes his head in wonderment.  Why on earth would his 5’1” wife have heart flutters every time she sees a chunky Jeep Wagoneer?  I can’t quite explain the reaction.  Back in the day, I might have wanted a sporty little sedan.  That was during the same time I wore 4 inch heels.  I’ve always been more fond of the classics, with a twist.  Sturdy and sporty.  Fun and cute.  Are these such terrible attributes?  And in red!  Whooaa!

I first fell in love with these woodgrained-paneled beauties, while watching the movie, “Baby Boom”.  I think the lure of the country life seemed so appealing . . . especially driving around the moonlight in Vermont.  Diane Keaton’s character had second thoughts, after the reality sunk in.  I’m sure this clip reminds a few owners of old homes, about the joys and investment of caretaking for historic properties.  (That’s another blog post.) 

Copy of Louis Vuitton

Oh, Santa Louis, hurry down the chimney tonight!  Don’t you think this Monogram Vernis bag would be the perfect tag-a-long for a trip to the country home?  (Courtesy – Louis Vuitton)


And what a country home it would be!  After my visit to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, I commented to my friend, if I had unlimited funds,  I would forgo a lot of the extra “gadget” rooms and a conservatory would be my luxe indulgence.  It would be the ultimate, quiet retreat, surrounded by plantings and floral exotics. 

It goes without saying, I really do desire more in life than material goods.  I would love to see world peace, an end to hunger and suffering, to witness children becoming fine adults, to see the elderly receive care and respect, to know animals will find a forever home, that cancer might soon have a cure . . . . but if all of those items were already checked off of the list, a little dreaming of indulgent luxury could be a guiltless pleasure.

How about you?  What would be your ultimate splurge?

“We should give as we would receive, cheerfully, quickly, and without hesitation; for there is no grace in a benefit that sticks to the fingers.”  ~ Seneca

Cheers to you! ~ Wanda

18 Days and Counting!


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Wanda you are a woman to admire. Jeep Wagoneer & a Louis Vuitton would be tops for me too.

Hoping Santa baby brings you at least one of those incredible wishes on your list Wanda.

Happy Season to you & yours!!

Bruce Barone said...

Or a Nash Rambler! said...

Love Love this!!!An amazing mix of luxe wishes!