Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Countdown – Day 9

Anticipating A New Year of Color!

It’s no longer a well-kept secret.  The cat’s been let out of the bag!  A little bird told me. . . . 

The Pantone Color Institute has revealed the new 2011 Color of The Year!

Girls everywhere should be in full celebration!



Hint # 1 – A cotton candy color tree.

2348926Hint # 2 -Vintage Ornaments from The Pink Rose Cottage 

living-pink-curtains-de-87930064 Hint #3 - Country Living Magazine showcased this “honey” of a room.


Hint #4 – Irwin Feld Design is passionate about this cause.  (And it’s all about the “girls”!)

155-GPL_a_detailHint #5 – It’s a bit like licorice – you either like it or you don’t.  And by the end of 2011, you may have had a “good and plenty” of it.

Hint #6 – If you love it, you’ll want more, more, more! 

It sure is a sweet solution when you need a something happy to wrap your brain around!

And the Pantone Color Institute Color of 2011 is . . . . .

coty2011_header (2)

Keep tuning in throughout the New Year.  I’m sure there will be more to come!





Happy Holidays – Hon! ~ Wanda

17 Days and Counting!


Chantale said...

This is one of the happiest colours I've seen so far. I love it and am not afraid to say it. : )

Maureen @ Modecor said...

I actually love this the proper application, and correct amount, it is stunning....showstopper. Loving the chair, Irwin Feld Design...need a new house or client who also loves.

Jen said...

Love the pink cheer in all your lovely examples. The Irwin Feld Chair looks good enough to bring home. More that anything we need that candy floss pink of hope and happiness.

Jennifer Duchene
Home Makeover Mixtress