Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Sparkling New Birthday, 2011!

It’s so fun to know we’ve got a brand-spanking New Year ahead of us!  While some might be happy to say “buh-bye” to 2010, I’m reflecting on bringing forward those experiences and gained wisdom to make 2011 an even better one! 

400px-Happy_Birthday---Commercial_Style_Western_HemisphereResolutions abound in the New Year.  Lots of folks are making their list.  Kind of a “to-do” for the year.  A lot of us end up not keeping them, too.  I wonder if we really think about what the process of resolving actually means? 

(a) : the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones (b) : the act of answering or solving (c) : the act of determining.


I think when it’s broken down into bits and pieces, the tasks don’t seem so daunting.  When I work on an interior design project, I look at the big picture and then analyze the parts which form it.  I should be able to do that with my life, right?  :)

We all measure the success of keeping our resolutions in different ways:






However you measure yours, just remember - “Inch by Inch” works pretty well.

Happy New Year!  I hope it’s a booming good one! ~ Wanda

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