Monday, January 31, 2011

Lighting – When Fab Meets Function

“I just I need a pair of lamps” . . . said the client to the designer.  At first thought, and rightly so, addressing the functional need is the client’s request and the designer’s charge, but when you lay your eyes on this bejeweled, rock crystal duet . . . it less about need and all about desire. 

Oh, they had me at “hello!”

1st dibs Rock Crystal Lamps

1950’s Carol Stupell Rock Crystal Lamps (From:  Galere as shown on 1st Dibs $9,900 – pair) 


Come a little closer for the love of crystal.


The original shades are still intact.  Just look at the pleating.  So feminine.

Getting back to reality . . .

Not everyone might decide to delve into as deep of a lighting investment in order to add some luminosity to end tables.  In fact, there might have been a simultaneous gasp at the beauty of these pieces, as well as the price tag! 


The point I’m making is that lamps can be beautifully structured additions to your interior space, while offering great functionality.  The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive of one another.  I’m always amazed when an investment has been made in a gorgeous rug or a stupendous sofa and then some languid lamps are expected to live up to the expectations set by the afore mentioned.  Just think of some times where extra accessories had to be brought in order to jazz up the room.  Great lamps can eliminate some of the excess clutter.

Did I mention these were from the 1950’s?  It just goes to show, good taste remains!

Have a brilliant day! ~ Wanda

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April Elizabeth said...

I love these lamps! How very cool!