Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Hue

Rosebud Red and Passionate Purple.  Both are dramatic hues and can be a perfect match for those who love color.  When you have two strong color “personalities”, you have to be sure one doesn’t overpower the other.  It always helps if they are complementary in nature.  A beautiful waltz also never works without one partner guiding the other. 

HB David Kaihoi

A gorgeous banquet setting, from David Kahoi, featured in “House Beautiful”, provides the perfect illustration of balancing the relationship of color.  While the room is saturated in purple, the red really captures your attention. 

Because purple is a marriage between blue and red, it depends on the combination as to whether it leans more towards the cool, (blue), family or the warm, (red), family.  Red, being a warm hue, will always advance.  If you look closely, a few touches of it are popped around the space . . . in the banding of the table skirt, in the napkin, and the wall art.  With such a rich surrounding of purple, it was the perfect solution to match the trim and shutters as they would have provided too much of a contrast in a traditional white or neutral.  Placing the white on the ceiling allows for a wash of light and plays nicely off the French Bergere chair, to the left.

It takes a leap of faith to move towards a dramatic color scheme.  It also helps if someone, (little shameless plug here), is there to hold your hand and guide you along the way.  It can be a true, color love match!

Love the home you’re in! ~ Wanda

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