Friday, January 21, 2011

Not So Neutral – The Love of Color

“2011 - Love The Home You’re In”™

Often, one of the first calls I receive after the “thrill” of the holiday season has passed, is in regards to freshening up living spaces.  The New Year has arrived and many of you have put away seasonal decorations, which always seem to add extra warmth to any interior.  The sparkle might seem to be missing and your home may be exhibiting the need for a little extra “love” and attention! 

Even if you’re feeling the purse being pinched by how much you gifted to others, there can still be some “uplifting interior moments” as the coffers are being replenished!  It’s time to hug your home!

Let’s start with color!

2011 Trends Board

Just to give you an idea of how I conceptualize the process of layering a room, I created a virtual design board.  In this case, I might have had a client who’s been afraid to dip their pinky-toe into the color pond.  I wanted to show how lovely it can be to bring in the addition of one of the latest color trends, without it being too “trendy”.  I think this is where I see folks shying away from making the commitment.  They would rather court the idea and a design board allows them to take the concept on a “first date”, as it were!

coty2011_header (2)

Sometimes, when color trends are presented, such as Pantone’s Color of The Year – Honeysuckle, there can be a question about how much is too much?  By distributing color in small doses, it’s easier to embrace any new palette additions and to decide if you’re ready to take it to the next level.

FD650_V50 LJ Constanza Magenta

This Lee Jofa fabric exhibits just one example of using a pattern to slip in pops of color.  There are also geometric patterns with similar accents.  I wanted to illustrate how even bright colors can transition nicely with earthy tones.


A room has more depth when handcrafted elements are added.  A Suzani pillow, from Claire Watters Etsy site, Material Recovery, was fabricated from embroidered, antique textiles. 


Imagine how interesting it would be to frame out a pen and ink-type print with a painted frame!  Even as trends come and go, this subject would always have a home.  (From:  Natural Curiosities)

Thanks for stopping by for a little design chat.  It’s time to get back to my interiors’ list for new and fun projects!

Don’t forget to give your home a hug! ~ Wanda


lmckenney said...

Really nice color and Nice arts i am impressed by your post.
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Thank you for post.

Tammy@InStitches said...

I love the color pink and the great thing is that a little bit makes a big impact. That suzani pillow is lovely !