Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Work In Progress – Interiors Reflect Life

My new business cards arrived today!  Proof positive that good things do come in small packages.


Even though the main design has been completed, it’s still a work in progress.  The website is going to take a little bit longer to be updated, so rather than limit myself to the old logo, I chose to do a small printing to have on hand, knowing the web address and email will be changed.  It takes a while to transition from where you’ve been to where you’re going.  Some people believe in one big reveal.  I’ve been in the design world long enough to know things don’t always happen overnight.  Design is a process of layering and adding depth.


A great example is a custom rug which is in progress for a client’s breakfast area.  (You’re seeing the backside as we were chalking out the angle for the bay area where it will eventually rest.)  The material had been on backorder and we could have gone back to the drawing board, in order to have instant gratification.  We knew; however, the pattern was perfect and the tone worked so well with an adjacent cabinet.  Waiting was not just an option, it was the right choice!

Copy of Stout Cup 2

Here is a photo of the cabinet base, right after completion.  I plan to share some professional shots, when the area has been completed.  (Website and design work often seem to overlap!)

Just like my clients, I can become anxious to see all of my design business materials and my internet presence come to fruition. I also realize that I’m looking for my changes to last a bit longer than a few months.  All of my decisions affect the impression of who I am and what I’m about. 

While you might feel your home is only about you, when you really think about it, you want it to tell you’re story to others.  Does it reflect the real you?  Have you taken your time to be certain it’s not just about filling space but that you’ve allowed for the time to collect what you love?  Does it present both style and substance?  Does it show you care about your environment and those who dwell in it?  What do you value?  In order to move forward in making the best design decisions, take a few minutes to ponder some of these points. 

Everything surrounding us pertains to design.  It’s all in how you view it and it’s usually a work in progress.

Live your best life by loving the home you’re in! ~ Wanda

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