Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lighting Up A Room In Royal Style

As the High Point Market approaches, I’ll be developing my market calendar and listing showrooms to visit.  One of my top priorities will be to source some fine lighting designs.  I’m sure I’ll be finding a good array of vendors while I know there are some tried and true sources, offering a good marriage of style, flair and quality. 

Lamps are not only about the bases, the shades also determine if they’ll make the cut.  They are the consummate “hat” to the entire ensemble.  The “pomp” to the circumstance.

Without the appropriate shade, the lamp might be reduced to a common base.  Imagine Kate Middleton attending a royal function in a bare head.  The Queen would not be amused!

Wildwood – Broom Finish Base Lamp

Wildwood – Creative Crystal Lamp


Sedgefield by Adams – Marianna Lamp


Sedgefield by Adams – Briggs Lamp

Barbara Cosgrove – Study Lamp – Antique Brass & Nickel Finishes

Barbara Cosgrove – Two Horses

Currey & Company Larkspur Table Lamp

Currey & Co. – Larkspur


Kate Middleton


Visual Comfort – Suzanne Kasler – Harper Table Lamp

Mmmm.  On second thought, I suppose this is the case where woman does wear the hat and the lamp does wear the shade . . . and beautifully!

Cheerio! ~ Wanda

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Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...


I really like this post. Lampshades, for me, are the hardest thing to come by from a basic consumer perspective. I always use black shades in my spaces so that the bases are the star. However, affordable black lamps shades in a perfectly cylindrical shape has been a thorn to find.

I know you will bring us some really great resources.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting