Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Project Update

You might recall, in a “Day of Interior Details”, the ‘before’ in this project was gorgeous . . .


What’s not to love about a walnut paneled library?  In this case, the client had decided to change the function of the room to that of a more elegant, gentlemen’s gaming room.  A lovely billiard table was selected for sport and relaxation.  There was a desire to add some method for placing the phone off of the floor, while also creating a place for beverages, in between shots. 

With no wiggle room for a piece of furniture to get in the way, especially with a limitation for a foot path, here was my solution:


A pair of wall-mounted, walnut consoles now flank the entry doors.


They were designed so that the cording, from the phone, could run up behind the center corbel.  (The phone wiring and a router had been put in place, at the construction phase, prior to the functional change of the area.)  While there will be a planter placed at the base of the center corbel, to hide the outlet, the cord clutter is now being concealed and the phone has been elevated from its lower status!


My wood smith, Phil Stapp, not only has expert skills in creating these custom pieces, he also has a background in graphic design.  As a true artisan, he’s able to translate my design concepts so beautifully!  He hand-carved the corbels to create the perfect scale and structure.  He ordered a custom blade in order to repeat the same profile of the chair rail molding, which seamlessly wraps across the console face.  The goal was to create pieces which would appear as if they had been planned on, all along.

The beauty of being able to work with an interior designer is that you’ll receive product solutions which may not exist in the general marketplace.  You’ll also benefit from the expertise of a collaboration between two professionals, where there is a partnership in the creative process and an impeccable attention to the details!

What are your design challenges?  Thank you for sharing!

“There is no excuse for doing anything which is not strikingly beautiful.” ~ William Morris

All my best ~ Wanda

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