Saturday, March 12, 2011

Red Doors, Irish Traditions & Being Beautifully Prepared

I’ve kept a beautiful collection of red door photos, just waiting for an opportunity to post them.  Red happens to be a favorite color of mine.  To me, it’s lively and spirited and it brings a smile to my face whenever and wherever I see it! 

When Irish traditions are mentioned, the color green is usually one of the first hues which springs to mind.  After all, we always speak of the “Wearing of the Green” for St. Patrick’s DayDid you know, in Irish folklore, it is thought that painting ones door in red also keeps away bad luck and evil spirits?  There are also many other spiritual references to indicate safety will lie behind this painted door . . . that a type of shelter will be provided, of which one will be welcomed to share.




As I was planning to post this pictorial, (and for an entirely different reason), the devastating earthquake in Japan was weighing heavily on my heart and my mind.  I kept wondering how I could share an article about doors, (which might seem to be a bit frivolous), given what had just happened?  Within the doors images, something kept resonating.  Call it a symbolic moment.

 This is what appeared . . . .

I couldn’t think of a better source to offer others a shelter from life’s storms.  Not only does The Red Cross reach out in times of great need, they also have created a wonderful series of lists to help us anticipate being better prepared for what might come our way.  Did you know the American Red Cross is the only humanitarian organization with a Congressional charter to provide relief to victims of disasters and to help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies?

Behind each door, you’ll find the tools you’ll need to guide you through different emergencies.  (And you can also go to their website to find more information for other preparedness lists.)

RedDoorAndDrainpipeInYorkvilleDSCF0105_H750      RedDoorAndDrainpipeInYorkvilleDSCF0105_H750       RedDoorAndDrainpipeInYorkvilleDSCF0105_H750

Be Red Cross Ready       Earthquake Safety         Tsunami Safety

RedDoorAndDrainpipeInYorkvilleDSCF0105_H750      RedDoorAndDrainpipeInYorkvilleDSCF0105_H750       RedDoorAndDrainpipeInYorkvilleDSCF0105_H750   

Pets & Disaster Tips       Flood Safety                  Power Outage

You may have stopped by to read a post about interior design and to see beautiful images. I usually try to share posts on how you can live a more beautiful life and to “Love the Home You’re In”. 

We can’t always plan for the Luck of the Irish . . . but a little preparation might just see us through.  To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than that!    

Sending my thoughts and prayers to Japan and beyond. ~ Wanda

(If you are able, please donate to your American Red Cross Chapter.  They will honor your donation by directing your funds in the manner you so chose.  You can even be a Hero!)


Everything Coastal said...

Wanda -
Great job on this post! My heart simply breaks for the people of Japan, and the Red Cross is my number 1 charity to support. We began donating to them from the proceeds of particular products on from our store during the during Hurricane Katrina crisis.


Maureen @ Modecor said...

WOW...amazing post, Wanda....and you are right...serendipity took you and this post in a totally different saw a (red) door, opened it and look what happened. KUDOS to you!
( is my all time favourite colour...another thing we have in common).

quintessence said...

What a meaningful post - and just shows your incredible creativity that you found a wonderful and worthwhile way to connect the two!

averydesigninteriors said...

Love this Wanda! Sometimes, we have ideas waiting in the wings for just the right moment.