Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shifting Style Gears In Interiors

I’m often asked about my preference for a particular interior design style.  I suppose, growing up in the South and also being around a mother who loved to find antiques, I developed a real appreciation for timeless classics.  I know with the right touches, classic designs can be updated with color, fabrics, patterns and accents and they will stay fresh for years to come! 

On occasion, I’m asked to step into a more modern world and it’s great fun to apply the principles of design, in a different way.  If a designer knows his or her trade, personal preference doesn’t get in the way of creating a client’s desires.

I’m working on a lower level “man space”, where my client asked for me to transition away from the upper levels of the home and to create a personalized living experience for an escape from his normally hectic world.

Here’s a peek into the progress:

IMG_0697 (2)-1

A rug is forthcoming and I’ll get those pictures, later.  It’s going to be the piece that pulls this all together.  I’m still in awe that my client and his family installed the cork flooring, all on their own!  It’s a great solution for a sublevel space.  A fun design, on the ultrasuede ottoman, hints of some color accents to come.


Leathercraft was the maker of this super cool recliner.  We wanted to get rid of the bulk of a traditional style and my client, who is 6’4”, needed the height.  We had them add two more inches for a better fit.  It just goes to show, it doesn’t hurt to ask a manufacturer if they can customize their products.


The more rustic fireplace could have pushed us into another design direction.  We decided to wrap our brains around a modern, Arizona lodge.  A little Mission meets Modern vibe.  The side walls are wrapped in American Clay and the remaining walls were painted with Mythic flat paint.  We focused on being as eco-friendly as possible.


The stone and brick gave us some direction for our leather color palette.


Another portion of the area has been devoted to a media function.  A super comfortable sectional, from the Norwegian company, Ekornes, fits the space perfectly.  (Thanks to Rick at Innbo Furniture for all of his great help!)  Another rug is on the way to round out the space and to provide a soft texture.  Eventually, the remainder of the space will be finished with the wainscoting you see in the backdrop.  The larger cabinet, in the background will be moved and a bookcase will take its place.  The client’s original art provided us the inspiration to have some custom pillows done, by Leathercraft, in brilliant Ultrasuede tones. 


I love the top stitching!  The weight of the filler allows the pillows to rest in place on what could be a slippery surface with the leather.  Lightweight foam pillows would be all over the place.  I’m going to say it out loud. . . details are what I think I do best!  I really try to anticipate the cause and effect of product specifications.


I suggested my client might like to consider using some photography in the opposite space.  My wonderful photographer, Whitney Gray, just happened to be in Sedona, last week.  You should take a glimpse of her heavenly views.  I think they would mirror the brick in the fireplace, don’t you?

While some might feel it’s better to see a room in total, or in one big reveal, I like to share some of my projects as they are being layered and personalized.  Each addition has a story and a reason for why it fits. 

. . . And I do love sharing my stories with you. Tell me about yours! ~ Wanda

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