Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coronas - Fit for A Queen - and A Royal Wedding

The wedding countdown has begun! 

All royal watchers are hoping to have the best view of Katherine Middleton, as she walks down the aisle to take her place in history as the future Queen of England.  I remember viewing the procession of Lady Diana and Prince Charles, many years ago, as I had become recently engaged and was totally enthralled about all things relating to weddings! 


There has been much speculation about Katherine’s wedding attire, as well as to the crown jewels which might complete the adornment of her ensemble.  I’m certain the vision will be magnificent!  Being that I’m a little past the whole wedding wonderment life stage, I may cast a glimpse towards the ‘telly’, but I’ll be less inclined to be glued to the screen.  In today’s world of the internet and social media, it will be replayed well enough for review!


(Elizabeth Emanuel Wedding Gown for Lady Diana Spencer -Circa 1981)

In the interim of all of the activity, I would imagine Katherine’s evening before her momentous day would be spent in a stately bedroom, fitted with the most beautiful of bed dressings.  Wouldn’t it be fun to imagine her dreaming under a crown, even before the walk down the aisle?

To me, there is nothing more magnificent than a lovely corona, (crown or coronet), pulling together yards of luscious fabrics to create a restful cocoon.  I took a peek at 1st Dibbs and spied a few special pieces to share with you.  Just click on the photos for more details on each one.


19th c. Giltwood Corona

Empire Antiques


Antonio’s Bella Casa


A Tyner Antiques


Not too long ago, a master bedroom project seemed to be the perfect fit for applying a corona treatment.  While it wasn’t the perfect color, I found a lovely piece, complete with all of the necessary hardware for installation.


(Wanda S. Horton Interior Design – Custom-glaze added to finish.  See below.)


Due to the placement of the windows, and with this being the best wall to house a king-sized bed, the window treatments needed to remain out-of-the-way.  If I had let the bed stand alone, the room would have been lacking in some height elements and the grandeur it deserved.  There was a barrel ceiling and a wall of drapery panels to be considered in creating the final balance.


For this designer, there is blissful beauty in the union between function and form.  They live happily ever after when the two compliment one another!

Best wishes to the special couple! ~ Wanda


Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

That bedroom is amazing especially the bed. What a wonderful thought of her spending the eve of her wedding somewhere so stunning. Im quite excited to see what she wears its all about the dress

quintessence said...

Beautiful - I wanted to do a corona for my daughter's room but of course that was too classic and elegant for her (at 11). Perhaps when she's older!!