Monday, April 4, 2011

Forever In Blue Jeans

If dressy casual is your lifestyle, you’ll love my recent finds from the spring High Point Market!  The use of denim gives a wonderful dimension to a slightly different version of navy.  Not as heavy in the red undertones and yet a bit warmer than the grayed versions.  It must be the way warp and weft threads interconnect.


Eastern Accents – While the design may be frayed at the edges, this pillow translates a laid-back vibe.


Ikat is still going strong and it looks even fresher against the denim texture.  Also from Eastern Accents.


The Bradburn Gallery had some wonderful Barclay Butera classics.  The crackled cream lamp base, with a current gilt foundation, was topped with a medallion, patterned navy shade. 


Pearson Furniture did a soft, washed version of this trend.  Even the velvety finish seems less precious in the lighter color pallet.  I loved the punctuation of pillows and the detail of the trim.


The Union Jack motif was alive and well. Pearson wrapped their interpretation around a pair of angular ottomans.  I think the upcoming royal wedding has been keeping this fun design accent in the showrooms.


A denim-washed, patchwork rug popped some fun cottage stools at FFDM.  (On an unrelated note, I loved the idea of a built-in handle in the seat.  Makes it so easy to shift them around!)


There’s no need to limit yourself with a monochromatic color scheme.  A lovely, large scale Jacobean floral design pulls in a bit of blue, while pulling in complimentary colors.  The loose pattern keeps it breezy, too.


I could envision a cool, gray-blue surround of walls to offset the weight of the chocolate background.  All designs are by Barclay Butera at Eastern Accents.


I saw this credenza in Showplace, on my way to a luncheon.  I snapped a quick photo as the texturing reminded me that denim doesn’t have to be limited to fabrics.  Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Thanks for sharing my virtual market tour!  I’m taking a wee break to process all that I’ve seen and to determine what elements will work best for my different clients.  Lots of great ideas are being swirled in my noggin. 


When you go to the High Point Market, there always seems to be blue skies ahead and you never know what you might find in showrooms, along the way!

Keeping the presses rolling! ~ Wanda

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Nick @ Cupboards said...

Great finds, Wanda.

ps- that credenza is sweet!