Monday, May 23, 2011

The Key to Greek Design Influences

Kim Shaver, Vice President – Marketing Communications of Hooker Furniture recently wrote: 

“While the Greek influence on design is always there in a subtle manner, the recent International Spring 2011 High Point Furniture Market suggests that Greek influence may be moving to front and center stage.  Trend spotters and design experts observed a resurgence in Greek key motifs, iron work and classical columns in home furnishings ranging from upholstery and pillow fabrics to lamps to living room tables to cabinets and chests and consoles.”

I certainly agree with Kim’s observation about this classic form prevailing in design.  There is a serenity and order to the motifs and architecture.  To read more from her article, click on > “A Greek Revival In Furniture”

(The Odyssey Cabinet from Hooker Furniture features a Greek Key design in the handles.)

Hooker Cabinet

You can see how the clean lines of this cabinet would fit into many types of decor, from modern to traditional, and almost anything in between.

In the meanwhile, not only am I attracted to the Greek Key motif, I also love seeing it in the hues of the Aegean Sea!  Trims, fabrics, rugs, and even etched crystal showcase the beauty.


Beautifully trimmed panels, designed by Ann Wolf – Featured in House Beautiful. 

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Stark Carpet offers some of the most gorgeous patterns!  What a calming backdrop it would be to have in a room.  (And who couldn’t use a little more sense of calm in their lives?)


Etched glass is such an art form in this lantern.  Beauty and function combined into one.  (Antique Lamp Supply)


Thibaut’s  Shangrila Collection – Ikat design with Greek Key motif.  Can’t you just feel the sea breeze?


I used this Pearson table between a pair of chairs in a Piano room.  Mmmm?  Notice something familiar in the feet?  I think if the sun hits the ocean just right, a glint of silver can be seen shining through.

Thank you, Kim, for taking my mind on a design journey, influenced by timeless treasures!


Do you think we could do some further research, here?

All my best! ~ Wanda


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Wanda it's hard to find a Greek Key that I don't admire. Greek men aren't so shabby either!!

Hoping you had a terrific weekend?

Cheers ~ Deb

Norbridge Antiques said...

Wanda, I enjoyed reading this beautiful post of all the different ways Greek key design can be used. The blue colours of the Mediterranen added a refreshing splash of colour.
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