Friday, May 13, 2011

A Modern Design Surprise

Most of my posts, as well as the current photography on my website, feature a traditional/classic leaning.  While a lot of my clients do tend to be drawn towards that style, I do love popping in projects that are off the path of the expected. 

Soon, I’ll be back to work on a home where the owners are all about melding modern design with classic architecture.  Some rooms are in transition and I hope to have great photos captured to publish.  The clients wanted to move their interiors in a different direction.  We’ve worked together on three homes, and with each one, their style has evolved to a point where they can express it with more confidence.

Until we finish, here’s the inspiration piece for their music room . . .


My clients and I both fell in love with this light fixture.  Even more gorgeous in person!


A shimmery velvet for a pair of chairs.  It’s also heavy duty and practical for family use.


I did a custom adaptation of the chair above.  I only had the back tufted, and not the seat, so it would be less “frou-frou”.  (An important designer term to note!)

DeWeese DR

The dining room around the corner.  A few more layers to be added with a ceiling finish and a rug.

HB - Artefece

Really cool hardware from Helser Brothers.  The jewelry for the windows.

Dur 89159-433

Embroidered silk fabric on the panels, from Duralee.

Tighe DeWeese 050

I reupholstered the existing, more traditional dining chairs with a metallic Pindler & Pindler fabric.  Paired with a modern, Stickley table.  (Apologies for photo quality.  Next time, I will use a camera and not my phone!)


Here’s a better shot of the fabric.

While this interior style may be a surprise for my regular readers, my clients know I’m not a “one trick” designer.  It would be so easy to take on a formulaic approach to what I do.  And I mean easier because it would take less time and effort, on my part, to create living spaces based on what I’ve done, over and over again. 

Isn’t it better to be surprised and delighted?

All my best! ~ Wanda


Maureen @ Modecor said... the various textures you have chosen. Also, whole heartedly agree that as designers/ decorators we should strive not be one trick ponies.

The Fine Life said...

Excellent post. The room is going to be gorgeous!