Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chair Choices – Six Ways To Sunday

Interior Designers receive many design questions, and one of the more frequent ones asked is: “What would you put ‘there’? . . . while pointing a finger in the direction of an area, space or an opening in a room.  Well, if it’s the first time I’ve seen a client and their home, a million things may roll through my head, as we’re just getting to know one another and I’m still determining their lifestyle, preferences and most important, scale of the area.  Of course, I’m totally honored they think I’ve got the magic solution!

How do we decide?  Let’s narrow today’s chat to a specific area and start from there.

 Have A Seat Tags

(Every Jot and Tittle – Etsy)

When it comes to dining spaces, casual or formal, the design element which can make or break the look, (in my experience), is the selection of chairs.  I know a table can be grand and glorious but it can also be hidden by the bounty of seating, as well as the table settings, when all is said and done.  If your table is nice but not totally spectacular, no worries.  Focus on those chairs!

To make a point, I thought it might be fun to grab a simple, rattan table and show you six different chairs, which would create six different looks, just by swapping them out.


Of course, the rest of the dressings for the room would also make a huge impact but the seating selections provide a definite vibe, don’t you think?

Lest you drive yourself crazy by bringing home a cadre of chairs to give a test drive, you might want to think about bringing in a professional to assist.

How do I know when ‘there’ will be the magic solution?  Trust me, I just do!

Offering you the best seat in your house. ~ Wanda

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